Decorate a pergola with your own hands: pictures of wooden pergolas, used in landscape design

Pergola is a garden building, which is designed to support decorative climbing plants. Decoration garden with pergola will be a very reasonable and unusual option, because. to date, not all gardeners are setting up the plot of this building. About, how to make wooden pergola their hands we said, now I want to understand in detail some of the nuances of the arrangement of the pergola and see the photo examples of the design of these garden buildings.

The purpose of pergolas in landscape design of the site

Виды деревянных пергол для дачи

Kinds of wooden pergolas for the garden

In addition, that pergola is used for ensuring proper growth of climbing plants, it also has the following advantages, which are used in landscape garden design:

  1. With pergolas, you can hide the garden buildings, which degrade the overall view of the territory: barns, utility room, chicken coops etc.
  2. A pergola is used for zoning the garden plot
  3. This construction can create a very attractive highlight of the garden – a green corridor
  4. A wooden pergola will effectively adorn the garden area and will complement these garden styles, as country, infinity, minimalism etc.
  5. The shadow of a pergola will protect in hot summer weather
  6. The building itself will be a good place for solitude
Зеленый коридор из пергол

Green corridor from pergolas

Select the location of the pergola on the dacha

This section has been paid attention, because. many people constantly ask the question "Where to place a pergola?". The answer is simple – anywhere. A wooden pergola will not interfere on the front portion of, on the garden paths, patio, for a residential home, in the backyard, etc.

In order, what would the location of the pergola beckoned the guests of the villas, organize next to the building a recreation area in the form of a table and chairs, pool or the small outdoor pergola with barbecue.

Suitable plants for pergolas

Выбираем растения для перголы

Choose plants for pergolas

Of course, for the reconstruction of the pergola, you need to choose climbing plants, but what, we'll tell you now.
The most popular plant for pergolas is the cultural and wild grapes, which were planted during the Roman Empire (actually from there went to the tradition of constructing the buildings).

In addition to grapes, it is recommended to plant these plants, as:

  • Clematis
  • Nasturtiums
  • Hops
  • Chinese Magnolia vine
  • Honeysuckle
  • Celastrus
  • Actinidia
  • Yunki

These plants need abundant watering and regular feeding special minerals, sold in stores, selling plants.

Photo examples of use of wooden pergolas in landscape design of a garden site

In order, what would you yourself can decorate the suburban area by a wooden pergola, which are made using different designs and varieties of trees, here are some original photos of examples of design of garden pergolas:

As you can see, garden pergolas are a very beautiful addition suburban area, therefore, we strongly recommend to make this build with his own hands, this process will not take much time and money! We also recommend you to read the article about, how to make terrace their hands!

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