Street lighting solar powered with stylish lamps

Autonomous solar-powered lights (Autonomous solar lamps) gaining popularity among the means of lighting in landscape design. It took quite a bit of time, as the solar-powered lights has ceased to be a luxury and became available, beautiful, and most importantly, easy components of the garden or cottages. It should be noted, now on the market you can find various types of such lamps, and thus the design of your garden can make a unique and inimitable.

Уличное освещение на солнечных батареях

Where it is possible to use stand-alone solar lamps?

Stand-alone solar lamps are used in places, where it is impossible to route the wires, where either of these wires will spoil the overall aesthetic picture of the area or recreational areas. Consider, what areas of the garden or garden, you can cover the stand-alone solar lamps:

Пример солнечного светильника

An example of operation of a solar lamp on the stairs, night.

  • the stairs,
  • track garden,
  • the boundaries of the pool, fountain,
  • gazebos and recreation areas,
  • sudden changes in terrain.

Of options, you can decorate these lamps very much, here the important role is played only by your boundless imagination. Street lighting auxiliary lamps is a soft illumination, thus gives a fairy-tale atmosphere to the area, where they have been placed.

Characteristics of solar-powered lights

Autonomous solar lamp feeds the Nickel-cadmium battery, the capacity of which is 600-700 mA/h. It works this way, during the day the lamp converts sunlight into electricity, and when darkness yourself included. The light source in this lamp is a few LEDs LED power 0,06 W. The service life of led up to 100 000 hours. It should be noted, these lamps are not afraid of atmospheric precipitation, because. the material from which they are made, not subject to corrosion, and the lampshade dust-and waterproof. Degree of protection of the Autonomous lamp is indicated on the case or box with the letters IP and numbers (the higher the number, the higher the degree of protection). The height of the lighting ranges from 5 to 10 cm.

The types of stand-alone solar lamps

Conditionally, Autonomous solar-powered lights can be divided into the following types:

  • Park,
  • Lawn,
  • Wall.
Газонный солнечный светильник

Lawn solar lamp.

Today one of the most popular lamps, which is used for street lighting, is wall lamp, because. it can be placed where and how you want. The only, but a significant drawback is the fact, the sunlight should definitely get on it. If this condition will be executed, then a fully-charged solar battery will work up to 10 hours. It should be noted, what time, it will take to charge the battery, depends on the weather: what will be the sunnier day, the less time it will take. Hence, the main drawback of standalone solar fixtures: in cloudy weather and in winter the battery can be recharged.

As for the fixtures, which use solar battery, they are equipped with panels of large sizes, protected from moisture. Material for fixtures – stainless steel. Time of operation of such lamp is approximately 7 to 12 hours.

Also popular among gardeners gain lawn lamps. Their advantage is the compactness and practicality. With the help of solar lawn lights can beautifully decorate your lawn, and, when you need to mow the lawn, lamps are easily removed. Lawn lamps can beautify your trees, groups of shrubs, as well as garden paths, porches and other areas of the garden.

The advantages and disadvantages of street lighting using solar-powered lights

When choosing lighting for your cottage, you need, in the first place, to evaluate all the pros and cons of different types of lighting plot. As for the lighting by using solar lamps, the pros and cons of the following:

Advantages of street lighting solar lamps:

  • Efficiency, because. use the energy of the sun,
  • A variety of types, forms, fixture design,
  • Autonomy (there is no need to monitor the battery level),
  • Practicality (there is no specific location on the site, the main thing, what would the sun fell on him),
  • Long life.

Cons street lighting solar lamps:

  • Beyond repair after breakage,
  • Do not charge in cloudy weather,
  • In cold weather batteries can fail.

You can sum up, that street lighting by using solar lamps, has much more and greater advantages, than minuses. Their variety and design make your vacation home comfortable and romantic, and efficiency of such lamps much more, than the ancient lamps, that Shine with power lines.

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