Choose an electric lawnmower: types of aggregates + recommendations on the choice of

Electric lawn mowers are used on small suburban areas. They, as a rule, are lightweight, work without noise and less maintenance, unlike a gasoline lawnmower. Despite this, electric lawn mowers are not as powerful, therefore, a large amount of work you will not be able to produce a small amount of time. Electrical mower it is impossible to use in wet weather, and the cable from the power supply constantly clings to and interferes with work. But if you decide to purchase an electric unit for cutting grass, we will help you discover some nuances, you should pay attention to when choosing an electric mower.
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Types of electric lawn mowers

Использование электрической газонокосилки

The use of electric lawn mowers

There are many classifications lawn mowers, including electric. The variation technique depends on the width and height of mowing, engine power, feature set, the type of collector etc. All these indicators are not so important, because at the store the consultant will provide all the necessary information after, how would you describe conditions of use.

We offer to your attention the most basic and important classification of electric lawn mowers: rotary and drum. Electric lawn mower in this case will depend on the size of the lawn, you want to cut, the complexity of the work, the method of transportation and frequency of shearing. So, take a closer look at each of the types.

Reel electric lawn mower

Барабанная электрическая газонокосилка

Reel electric lawn mower

Reel lawn mowers have only 2 wheel. This technique is commonly used on sites to 5 acres, because. engine power is not more 400 W. The weight of the reel lawn mower is around 12 kg, what is the advantage of this kind of electric lawnmower. The height of the mowing 12-42 mm, enough with regular lawn care.

Scope electric reel lawn mowers: regular haircut small lawn area with soft grass.

Rotary electric lawn mower

Ротационная электрическая газонокосилка

Rotary electric lawn mower

Rotary lawn mower has a more familiar design and "are" on 4 wheels. Engine power still can not compare with petrol appliances, but, however, is 900 to 1800 W, which is enough for the lawn care area 12 acres. The height of the mowing rotary electric lawn mower can be adjusted 18-75 mm, this is sufficient for not too regular grass cutting. Based on this, weight rotary lawnmower is about 40 kg, and functional features include everything you need: height adjustment cutting, mulching, ejection of the grass on one side or a room in the collector.

Electric rotary lawnmower you can use to care for the larger garden, the main thing often to sharpen knives and not work on wet grass.

Recommendations on the choice of electric lawn mowers

Review of electric lawn mowers

If you decide to purchase an electric lawnmower, suggest you to consider the following nuances:

  1. Choose the unit, based on garden size and scope of work. If you take the mower more powerful, what you need, you simply overpay the money, otherwise, taking a weak lawnmower, not able to carry out the entire scope of work.
  2. The mower should have a wide wheel, that will not push lawn coverage and at the same time will allow the technique to be more maneuverable.
  3. Pay special attention to the handles of a lawn mower. They should be adjusted for height (for the convenience of), to develop (for transportation) and have a rubber cover to soften vibration.
  4. The body of the mower may be made of aluminum, steel or plastic. The last option makes the technique easy, steel – durable, and aluminium is the best option, because. integrates and ease, and the durability of the case, and aluminum parts are corrosion-resistant.
  5. When choosing an electric mower it is better to spend a little more money and buy a multi-function equipment, because. when cutting lawn sometimes it is necessary to completely remove the grass, and sometimes leave a layer of mulch.
  6. Mower must have a height adjustment lever cutting, and better, when this lever is one of the Central, and not under each wheel.
  7. The greater width of the mower, the higher performance of cutting the lawn, therefore give preference technique with a greater width.

Here all recommendations for choosing an electric mower! I hope, that the purchased equipment will last a long time and with a minimum of repairs!

Review of electric lawn mowers
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