Choose a Foundation for the construction of baths with their hands

The Foundation is a supporting structure of the whole building. From, how correctly and qualitatively to be constructed the Foundation of, depends on the durability of the whole structure. As for Bani, early in its construction the Foundation served as ordinary stones or a crown of oak, and the bath stood for several decades. Now a lot of new technologies for the construction of the Foundation and must give preference to the more reliable options: tape, columnar and pile Foundation. Next, we'll talk about the conditions of application of each of the foundations.
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How to choose the right Foundation for the bath?

Фундамент для бани своими руками

The Foundation for the bath with his hands

The Foundation for the bath is selected based on several important moments of the construction of baths with their hands:

  1. Soil type (sandy, marsh, loam)
  2. The depth of the aquifer
  3. Material for walls and roof construction (wall: brick, polystyrene, frame; roof: slate, tile, corrugated sheet).
  4. The slope of the entire site (accordingly, the possibility of landslides at the site)

So, now a closer look at, how to choose the right Foundation on which to build baths their hands.

If you want to frame the bath, which walls will be built of brick or foam concrete, it is necessary to give preference to more durable – strip Foundation. Just draw your attention to the fact, that strip Foundation suitable for even the swamp and garden soil.

For the construction of a classical sauna with a frame enough to build more economical and simple version of the Foundation – columnar. But only the pile Foundation should be applied on loamy and sandy soils.

If you have suburban areas with soft soil, which lends itself to landslides, it is recommended to build pile Foundation, who would dive deep into the soil of the special posts (piles), turning to a more dense layer of subsoil.

Also sometimes applied more rare, but not least a solid Foundation bored. This Foundation is modified pier Foundation, at which the cross section of the supports already not square, and round. Drilled Foundation is recommended to build a sauna on difficult soils.

Now consider the technology of construction of each type of Foundation for a bath!

Construction of strip Foundation for bath

As we have said, strip Foundation is the most durable, and therefore the most enduring form of support for construction. Due to the fact that a strip footing requires high flow of the concrete mix, the construction of such a Foundation is the most expensive.

Construction of strip Foundation for bath

Strip Foundation is a concrete strip, passing under each wall of the bath.

For the construction of strip Foundation necessary to dig a network of trenches (under each wall), depth of not less than 1 meter, better to do the depth below the soil freezing.

For a start Roy meter trench, fall asleep their 15-santimetrovy layer of sand, after that, pour it with water and carefully stamped. On top of the sand fill 10-cm layer of gravel, on top of which pour a small layer of concrete. Then the cycle is repeated: sand, crushed stone, concrete solution, while our "cake" will not come up to the top. After that, it is necessary to erect wooden formwork, which will need to be poured basement. Formwork laid tied rods of rebar (diameter not less than 12 mm) and fill to the top with a concrete solution.

After the perimeter Foundation hardens, you can knock the formwork and move to the waterproofing of the Foundation. This made the use of bitumen mastic, roofing material, adhesive tape etc.

As to build near the Foundation of a system of surface drainage and the clay pavement, that will prevent stagnation of water under the Foundation.

Строительство ленточного фундамента для бани

Construction of strip Foundation for bath

That's all the construction technology of strip Foundation for bath, as you can see the process time-consuming, but in this case, your building will be strong and durable supporting structure. Pay attention to the fact, for the construction of strip Foundation is recommended to get a mixer, because. solution you'll need a lot.

The construction of the pier Foundation

Pier Foundation suitable for the construction of a classical bath with frame. Its advantage lies in the fact, that provide sufficient strength for the Foundation for lower costs of building materials, than in the construction of strip Foundation.

Pier Foundation, based on its name, consists of brick or concrete columns, which are set every 1,5-2 meter for main nodes built: corners, places increased load, the intersection of walls etc.

The posts should be dug to a depth, which exceeds the depth of soil freezing, usually this difference is about 30 cm. The cross section of the pillars is a square, size 51*51 cm (double brick walls) either 60*60 cm (concrete pillars). Between the pillars is necessary to combine with brick wall, is the cap built in.

The construction of pier Foundation ends, what you need to carry out waterproofing of the basement (hot bitumen or roofing material) and create zabirko.

Zabirka is a concrete or brick wall along the contour of the Foundation, which prevents accumulation of moisture and debris under the floor.

The construction of the bored Foundation

As we have said, drilled Foundation is a variation of the technology of construction of pier Foundation.

Строительство буронабивного фундамента для бани

Construction of drilled foundations for a bath

Circular cross section bored the pillars of the basement is in order, to reduce the burst effect on the pillars in the freezing/defrosting of the soil.

Construction technology of bored Foundation for the bath is quite simple and requires the least cash outlay. This is due to the fact, you do not need the help of special equipment and also the cost of the concrete mix are minimal.

The only problem of construction of bored foundations is an accurate calculation of the length of the posts. If treated negligently for a given requirement, load on each post will be different, which will lead to the gradual destruction of each post, and accordingly the whole structure.

So, after calculating the length of the pillars proceed to the first stage – drilling. It is recommended to use MOTOBLUR – inexpensive technique for fast drilling with their hands. The diameter of one column should range from 20 to 25 cm. After, as wells are drilled, start pouring the pillars.

For this you need to create a cylindrical formwork, turning the roofing material into a tube and securing brackets.

Опалубка под буронабивной фундамент

Bored formwork under Foundation

Planking plunges into the bore and concrete is poured a solution, so all the props are made.

After this support it is necessary to combine. This poured Foundation – concrete slab.

That's all the construction technology of bored Foundation. As you can see, nothing complicated, moreover, the process of building this Foundation is quick and not too time consuming.

Construction of pile Foundation

If you have a swampy soils, construction of pile Foundation for bath will be the only and right solution.

Construction of pile Foundation

The first step is creating a Foundation project with the exact number of piles, pitch and depth of their installation. Piles you can do yourself, and you can order ready-made products.

We recommend you to prefer the second option, because. installation in this case will be more easier and convenient. The finished piles can be represented by asbestos cement pipes or metal screws. Asbestos cement pipe installed in wells drilled and filled with concrete solution. Step of installation of piles is 1,5 – 2 meter. If you use iron piles, created in the form of long screws, all you need, to screw them into the soil using special equipment and also pour concrete.

Once the piles are installed, they have to combine. To do this, use masonry walls in brick or half-brick. Wall should have a height of about 60 cm, of them 25 cm buried in the ground, and 35 cm are presented in the form of the cap.

That's the whole technology of construction of pile Foundation for bath with his hands.

This construction technology of foundations for bath with his hands is completed. More information you can read, clicking on the relevant links to articles!

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