Choose turf for garden: overview of ground floor, Moorish, sports and other types of lawn

The main element of decoration of the English garden is a luxurious lawn. In order, whatever lawn grass looked inviting, for her to take daily care. English gardeners says, that this lawn must be at least 200 years, only after this point the garden will look elegant. Before, how to make a lawn, you need to decide on it, we now discuss.

Today, there are many types of lawn grass, different destinations. The lawn can perform not only a decorative function, but also serve as a recreation area or Playground. Depending on this, there are the following types of lawns:

  • Moorish
  • Sports
  • Meadow
  • Common (gardening)
  • Ground
  • Special purpose

Let us consider in detail each of the types of lawns for suburban area, their advantages and nuances of care.

Moorish lawn

Мавританский газон на даче

Moorish lawn at the cottage

Moorish lawn differs significantly from our usual common lawn, because. consists of perennial and annual plants, seated in a chaotic manner. The Moorish appearance of the lawn is a piece of pristine wilderness. Although at first glance the care of the Moorish lawn requires hard work, because. on it we grow familiar plants, this does not mean, that's the way it really is. In order, whatever kind of Mauritanian grass was luxurious and attracted the attention of the guests, we must carefully monitor the watering and flowering of the plants.

Вид мавританского газона

View Mauritanian grass

As you know, the purpose of the Mauritanian grass – a purely decorative element garden plot. Moorish lawn perfectly fit into these garden styles, as natural and country.

The most popular plants for the Mauritanian grass are:

  • Chamomile
  • Cornflowers
  • Bell persinality
  • Lupin changeable
  • White clover
  • Cereal
  • Annuals (chrysanthemum, poppy-rhoeas, carnation Chinese, etc.)

As plants have different flowering period and requirements for care, it is recommended to choose more or less similar plants, which will fit the same watering and climate.

Растения для мавританского газона

Plants for Mauritanian grass

Land Moorish lawn in the spring is recommended, what would annual plants could be closer to August.

The location of the pitch determines its aesthetics and favorable growth, it is therefore necessary to place Moorish lawn on the Sunny side. Watering is also one of the most important elements to a beautiful lawn, therefore, it is necessary to exercise daily!

Today, specialty stores provide a wide range of mixtures of herbs for the Mauritanian grass, can be 4-5, and more 30.

Sports turf

Спортивный газон

Sports turf

Sports turf is designed for arrangement of sports fields and recreational areas. Its advantage – high resistance to trampling and thorough drainage, that should eliminate the appearance of puddles and dirt at the site.

On the sports lawn where you can play volleyball, football, badminton, run with the dog, etc.

Plants for a sports turf will serve as: winter hardy ryegrass, bent grass white, Grebennik ordinary and red fescue. The latter should hold preferential share in mixtures of seeds for lawn sports (not less than 40%).

Футбольное поле из спортивного газона

Football field sports lawn

Sports turf is best to sow in early autumn or early spring. If you decide to sow the lawn in the late fall or in the summer, not scary, the main thing in the summer often to water the lawn (because of the heat), but before the snowfall time to fully seed the lawn (then in the spring you will see the first germination).

With regard to soils for sports turf, it should be slightly acidic (a pH of 6,5 to 7) and have high permeability (200-500 mm/h).

To drainage sports turf needs to be taken seriously, because. puddles will not only worsen the view of the site, but not allowed to play it after the rain. In order, what would the water quickly went from the field, use this solution, as the installation of drenov (pipes of plastic, in which are drilled for water drainage). The pipe is laid to a depth of about 80 cm, cover mineral fibers, and is supplied to drain the well, which should be outside Playground.

Вид спортивного газона на даче

The sports lawn at the cottage

With regard to the care of sports turf, then use petrol or electric lawnmowers. Mowing of lawn grass must be no less, every 10 days, when the grass height exceeds 10 cm. Mowing the lawn to 3-4 cm in height, grass clippings and leave for a few days on the site, having spread it evenly over the entire area (in hot weather, this decision will provide protection from the sun's damaging rays).

Sports turf is considered sorely after 2-3 years of careful care, when the density of the shoots will be about 10 000 sprouts on 1 kV. meter.

Meadow lawn

Луговой газон на даче

Meadow lawn in the country

The main purpose of meadow lawn – a place for walking and recreation. This type of lawn can easily be confused with Moorish lawn, because. meadow lawn is a subspecies.

To place a meadow lawn is recommended from the Sunny side, in the courtyard, next to shrubs and ornamental trees.

View of meadow lawn is an area of wild plants. Among the plants for the lawn to emit red fescue, perennial ryegrass, meadow fescue and bulbous plants.

Растения на луговом гаоне

The plants in the meadow Gaon

The lack of meadow lawn – weak resistance to trampling, the rapid growth of plants and the need for thorough weed control.

Mowing the lawn is allowed, adhering to the following requirements:

  • The first mowing of the lawn necessary 6 weeks from the last fading flower
  • Next lawn cut 2 times a month
  • Lawn mowing should be carried out 1 once a month, smooth transition from 2 once a month
  • Lovers of neat meadows are allowed to mow the lawn up to the level 10 cm from the surface
  • Plant varieties, blooming in autumn, allowed to cut until the beginning of September
Луговой газон, абсолютная схожесть с мавританским

Meadow lawn, absolute similarity with Moorish

For weed control recommended herbicides, but you can use them only after, as the lawn will grow more 1 year, to do this, you must use an ordinary garden scoop or fork.

Common lawn

Вид садово-паркового газона

View of garden lawn

Common or garden and Park lawn is an intermediate ground between the elegant and natural meadow lawn. Its advantage is the following:

  • Resistance to trampling more than the parterre lawn
  • Does not require daily watering abundant
  • Haircut is 1 times 10 days
  • Fertilize lawn need 1 once a month
  • Common lawn permitted to run, children to play, relax, to place garden furniture
  • The relatively cheap price of the seeds
  • A pleasant aesthetic appearance
  • Frost
  • Durability

It should also be noted a pleasant benefit of gardening lawn: if you need to go somewhere, do not worry that 1-2 weeks without care, the lawn will lose its attractive appearance, it is not, because the growth rate of lawn grasses is not so big (the most intensive growth is observed only in the summer).

Как выглядит обыкновенный газон на дачном участке

Looks like the common lawn at their summer cottage

The height of the mowing landscape lawn should be 5-6 cm. To place the lawn in the shade, and on the Sunny side, all at your discretion.

An ordinary lawn can be decorated as the hilly terrain, and a flat area, in any case, it will look attractive.

Обыкновенный газон на даче

Ordinary lawn in the country

It is recommended to Supplement the lawn conifers, cereal, hedges and ornamental shrubs.

The most popular plants for garden and Park lawn is:

  • Red fescue
  • Perennial ryegrass
  • Timothy-grass
  • Monument of Asherah
  • Grebennik common

Parterre lawn

Вид элегантного партерного газона

Kind of elegant parterre lawn

Well, we went to the most elegant and luxurious appearance to the lawn – ground or traditional English. This grass can act not only as a Supplement to the General composition of the garden decor, but as its main element.

Parterre lawn decided to shoot on the personal background of the estate, along the Central Avenue or in the backyard, if he has as solid area with water features, gazebos and fountains.

Роскошный английский газон

Beautiful English lawn

Despite its most attractive, parterre lawn has the following features and drawbacks:

  • To create a perfect parterre lawn in the best British tradition will take at least 200 years troublesome work
  • Seeds for parterre lawn is the most expensive, because. they come from Canada
  • Lawn requires daily watering and frequent fertilizer
  • The area of the parterre lawn needs to be greater than the area of the flower beds, flower beds and other vegetative elements of the garden decor
  • Parterre lawn resistant to trampling, so it can act solely for decorative purposes
  • Preparing the soil for parterre lawn requires complete elimination of weeds, stones and other garden debris
  • The climate should be warm and humid
  • Lawn care requires professional assistance

It should also be note, the height of the mowing of the lawn the ground must be within 3-4 cm, and the surface, where will systematise lawn, should be perfectly smooth.

Вид английского партерного газона на приусадебной территории

The English parterre lawn in the gardening area

For lawn care you must use a quality mower with sharp steel knives and adjusting the height of mowing.

The ground for parterre lawn should be fertile, preferably black earth, with the acidity from 5,5 to 6.

The most common plants for the parterre lawn is Kentucky bluegrass, because. lawn, planted this plant, will have a rich emerald green colour and high durability.

The disadvantage of bluegrass is the small thickness of poroshkov (about 1 mm), causing, must be carefully sown area, that would make a thick lawn.

We strongly recommend you to use for the decoration of the area garden and Park lawn, because. it is not too different from the ground, but it has a lower cost and demands care.

Lawn special purpose

Газон специального назначения

Lawn special purpose

One subspecies of the lawn special purpose is sports turf, we were talking about below.

In addition to sports turf is distinguished by a special mixture lawn grass, which may exist in areas with high humidity or drought, in shade areas, Badlands, stone slopes, etc.

Such areas are the slopes of the railway stations, automobile filling stations, the roadside, hydropower plants, dumps etc.

Lawns of special purpose are used for turfing site, where it is impossible to care. Plants for this type of lawn are the same species, used to create a meadow lawn.

Here, actually all, I would like to tell you about the types of lawn grass. In the future, we will provide you with a detailed review of each lawn with photo examples and video instructions for the care and making with their hands.

We also recommend you to read the article how to make garden paths their hands!

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