Choose a trimmer for cutting the lawn: petrol or electric

In addition to cutting grass with a lawn mower, you must purchase this gardening tool, as the trimmer. The trimmer is a manual lawnmower, which can be used to cut these areas of turf grass, as the edge of the lawn, borders with flower beds, the contours of the garden paths, etc. In other words, the purpose of the trimmer is to crawl to those places, where lacking lawnmower. Next, we'll talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the two most competitive types of grass trimmer – electric and gasoline.
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Выбор триммера: бензиновый или электрический?

The choice of trimmer: petrol or electric?

Video review of electric and gasoline trimmer

Video review of electric and gasoline trimmer

Electric trimmer

Электрический триммер

Electric trimmer

Electric trimmer used for cutting small area of turf grass and has such advantages:

  • Almost no noise
  • Maintenance
  • Does not harm the environment
  • Has a low weight
  • Cheaper gasoline trimmer

As for the shortcomings of the electric trimmer, they include:

  • Weak engine power
  • Has a small Arsenal of cutting nozzles
  • Cannot be used in rainy weather or after rain
  • "Tied" to the socket, what limits the portability of the unit

So, are you familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of electric trimmer, it is now possible to consider in more detail its design and scope.

Electric trimmer consists of motor, handle, rod and the Executive body.

The motor connects to the network using the extender. The location of the motor of the trimmer can be as a top, and lower. When the lower motor mounting location more convenient to cut the grass, but at the same time, the unit itself has a lower power, and thus the performance. It should be noted, when the lower engine Executive body of the trimmer can only be fishing line or string, the knives in this case there is no possibility to install. The disadvantage of the lower location of the engine electric trimmer is, it is impossible to carry out cutting grass in the morning and after the rain (from dew and rain on the leaves of lawn grass). As for the upper location of the motor, in this case, the power of the trimmer is the higher, there is an opportunity to set steel knives haircuts not only soft lawn grass, but even weeds.

Handle trimmer can be as D, and J-, T, depending on the complexity and time of operation. Well, if the trimmer comes with several handles.

Rod may be sectional or one-piece. The last option provides a more reliable design, but less convenient to carry. There are also telescopic rods, pushed together/apart, that allows you to choose the optimal length of hand lawn mowers.

The Executive body electric trimmer (the cutting part) can be represented by disk knives, string or fishing line. The first option is used only on high-end electric trimmers, the other two in a more compact and weak.

There are also cordless trimmers, which removed the main drawback of electric units – limited mobility. The lack of rechargeable trimmers is, that battery is enough for 20-30 minutes of work, and the cost of the unit several times higher than petrol or mains electric trimmer.

Now on to the review for petrol trimmers!

Petrol trimmer

Бензиновый триммер

Petrol trimmer

Petrol trimmers more popular among gardeners.

The advantage of petrol trimmers is as follows:

  • The units are powerful and can not only mow the grass, but the bushes
  • Gasoline trimmers do not depend on the source of electricity and is mobile
  • There are no restrictions in terms of use of the petrol trimmer
  • Performance is very high, you can cut sections medium size
  • The assortment have large quantity of cutting tools

On the downside petrol trimmers, the main ones are:

  • High engine noise during operation
  • Fixed costs for fuel (oil, gasoline)
  • The emission of harmful exhausts into the atmosphere
  • Significant weight aggregates
  • Higher price for petrol trimmer
  • More frequent repair and maintenance of the trimmer engine

As you can see, for the fact that the trimmer was more powerful and efficient, you need to pay a significant amount not only for the purchase of the unit, but and its service! Despite this, the majority of vacationers still prefer the petrol model trimmer.

So, now, for more will tell you that, what is a petrol trimmer.

As electric units, petrol trimmer consists of motor, handle, rods and Executive body.

As for handle and rodsand, the situation is the same as in the previous case, nothing new.

About engine it is necessary to clarify some important nuances. Engine gasoline trimmer can be four-stroke or two-stroke. Two-stroke engine cheaper, but more noisy and often fails. To work the two-stroke engine you must use the 92nd gasoline mixed with oil. Four-stroke engine has a special crater for oil and a separate tank for gasoline. The capacity of the reservoir is 0,5 to 1,5 liters, depending on power petrol trimmer. The problem with all petrol engines – heating. Therefore, when working with a petrol trimmer you need to make breaks every 20-40 minutes of work, depending on the manufacturer's recommendations. Choosing a gasoline trimmer, pay attention to the motor manufacturer. If it is a Briggs&Stratton, MTD or Honda, trimmer high quality and will last a long time.

The Executive body manual petrol lawn mowers can be represented not only in the form of knives, but in the form of a special nozzle under cultivator, snow blower, even brushcutter and blower.

As we have said, the weight of a petrol trimmer much more, than electric units, therefore, it is recommended to purchase a special belt snap, presented in the form of a single, double shoulder strap and even a pack, which will distribute the load evenly across the torso.

That's all, what you should know before you buy a trimmer for trimming lawn. We recommend you to opt for a petrol model, because. power will affect the performance, and therefore at the time of. And the faster you cut the grass, the more time it will remain at rest!

Video review of electric and gasoline trimmer
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