The choice of grasses for the lawn.Cultivation and care fescue and red.

What would a lawn seeding a lawn attractive and durable, you need to choose the right grass for the lawn. Most have special advantages: shade, wear resistant, drought-resistant, etc. For our region are well suited red fescue and meadow, because. they create an attractive lawn, durable and not too demanding to care. Next, we'll talk more about the care and cultivation of red fescue and meadow.

Grass seeds for lawn

Семена трав для газона

Grass seeds for lawn

Each lawn is different from each other herbs, it. Lawn grasses themselves are sold in seeds. From, what seeds or a mixture you choose, must be attractive lawn and its durability. Do not recommend when you purchase seeds to give priority to the advertisement on the pack, because. in most cases, you can buy a "pig in a poke". In order, what would your grass was evergreen and healthy, must have good knowledge about herbs for the lawn, before you make a purchase.

We recommend you to select the following types of grass for lawn:

  • Kentucky bluegrass
  • Red fescue
  • Fescue
  • Bent grass white
  • Bentgrass common
  • Bentgrass pobedonosnaya
  • Bent grass dog
  • White clover
  • Perennial ryegrass
  • Lotus corniculatus

All the above for lawn grass easy to grow and care, therefore, when buying mixtures, pay attention to, how is grass for lawn, what would the annotation on the package had names of these herbs.

Grass for lawn 4 letters – reps, also ideal for creating lawn area at his summer cottage.

In this article we want to consider in more detail these grasses for the lawn, as meadow fescue and red, we are going to do below.

Care and cultivation of red fescue

Овсяница красная

Red fescue

If you want to create a perfectly smooth, dark-green turf at his dacha, you need to sow the seeds of red fescue. This gramineous plant is a very durable and attractive.

The root system of red fescue very dense and strong, that forms quite durable and resilient turf. Some roots of plants are able to get into the soil to a depth of more than 1 meter, although the main part is at a depth of up to 20 see below the earth's surface.

Red fescue is developing very quickly, but with a certain fluctuation of the growth rate: in the first year of grass for the lawn is growing poorly, the following two years formed a dense green carpet, and in the 4th year red fescue, finds its full maturation.

Among the advantages of red fescue allocate:

  • Attractive appearance of the lawn
  • Uniform stand
  • The ability to take appeal after mechanical damage to the lawn
  • Grass after cutting lawn mower grows evenly throughout the area
  • Frost
  • Cheap
Газон из овсяницы красной

Lawn of red fescue

With regard to growing and caring for red fescue, it should be noted, the grass lawn not too fussy. All that is needed for normal growth, red fescue is the fertile ground, almost any (don't fit just too heavy) and abundant watering of the lawn (red fescue does not tolerate long droughts).

It should also be note, that red fescue is a grass plant, having a wide variety of forms and populations: with leaves bright green, bluish-green color, etc.

Вид овсяницы красной

View red fescue

For lawn seeding is recommended to choose the red fescue rhizomatous-ryhlokustovye and ryhlokustovye forms, because. these two forms are used to create a first-class lawns.

Care and cultivation of meadow fescue

Овсяница луговая


In contrast to red fescue, fescue is a larger and more growing a plant. The root system is too thick and strong. The leaves of meadow fescue reach a length of 30 cm and width 7 cm. The grass lawn is less strong and elastic turf, than its relative.

The cultivation and care of meadow fescue is more time consuming. Grass grows in the first year after planting, but, as red fescue, reaches full maturity closest to 3-4 year.

Despite its voluminous size, fescue tolerates winter frosts, the main thing in time to destroy the ice crust on the snow.

Not known for fescue resistant to trampling, therefore, to walk on this lawn, are not allowed.

What would you put on their summer cottage meadow fescue, the soil should not be sandy.

The durability of the grass for lawn can reach the bar in 15 years with the right care (pour, comb, cut and in any case not to walk on the lawn, etc.)

Please note that, that fescue is designed to create a garden and Park lawn. Parterre lawn of this plant create.

Газон из овсяницы луговой

Lawn from a fescue meadow

That's all, we wanted to tell you about the choice of lawn grasses and the two most popular candidates: the red fescue and meadow.

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