Harvesting and steaming brooms for a bath

Broom for a bath is important and at the same time useful accessory for rest in the Russian bath. What would your broom for a bath had healing properties and was easy to use, it is necessary to properly prepare, and further steamed. Next, we'll talk about that, how to prepare and zaparivat a broom for a bath, and branches what kind of wood you want to use to create a broom.
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Types of brooms for a bath

Виды веников для бани

Types of brooms for a bath

Each tree has its own healing properties. Today for creating brooms used oak branches, birch, needles, Linden, nettle, wormwood, eucalyptus, juniper and maple. Let us consider in more detail the benefits and nature of recovery of each of the types of brooms for a bath.

Birch broom

Birch broom helps rejuvenate skin and relieve the pain in muscles and joints. In addition, birch broom for a bath when heated emit aromatherapy oils, which effectively clean the respiratory system. With regard to the use of a birch broom, if you select the branches of a young birch and correctly zaparivat a broom, its use is convenient, and most importantly, useful.

In the selection of birch branches for broom, it is necessary to give preference to curly weeping birch. In the first case, you ensure a long storage of brooms for a bath, and in the second the broom will be more easy and flexible.

Oak broom

Oak is known for its health properties if you have problems with high blood pressure. That is why oak broom is suitable for people with hypertensive disease, in addition, the oak has the same rejuvenating and healing properties, that birch.

What would oak broom for sauna well pumped hot air, need to pick up the branches with wider leaves. Harvesting of broom made of oak must be carried out in August-September, before the leaves fall off the tree. There is one popular folk superstition that if under an oak tree grow mugs, broom of this oak is of the best quality and healing!

Spruce broom

Another good type of tree for leaf production is needles, namely, the fir, spruce and cedar. Coniferous brooms for baths have anti-inflammatory properties, as well as kill germs and rejuvenate the skin. The advantage of harvesting of coniferous brooms for a bath is, the fresh twigs can be harvested throughout the year, because. conifer is an evergreen tree. Should pay attention to the juniper broom, suitable for people with rough skin, because. their needles causes a significant pricking. Despite this, useful properties of juniper birch besoms are high in anti-inflammatory effects and treatments of sciatica.

Linden broom

Lime is famous for the fact, what good is fighting with the cold. In addition, Linden broom has a positive effect on the improvement of the human respiratory system. The use of lime increases the, most steam rooms are decorated with lime lining, which also contributes to the treatment of the body.

Nettle broom

If you suffer from back pain, either you have problems with kidneys and liver, you will help Krapivny broom for a bath. Don't be afraid of all the nettle – stings. You can zaparivat a broom, that would nettle bite either these properties are completely gone.

But please note, that back treated it burns nettle, therefore, you need to dissolve the usual method, we will discuss a little later.

That would nettle you didn't have immediately before using nettle broom to soak it in cold and hot water, alternating several times.

Harvesting nettle broom should occur in late spring – early summer. Important point – nettle broom has healing properties for a single session, after that it can be thrown away.

Eucalyptus broom

We all know, how useful for colds and bronchitis is the inhalation for the eucalyptus tincture. That's why, for the treatment of cough and other respiratory diseases it is recommended to use eucalyptus broom. By its nature, the eucalyptus presents a fine-leaved plant, so the broom for a bath only eucalyptus not going to be easy to use.

To solve this problem it is recommended to create an oak or a birch broom with the addition of the branches of the eucalyptus.

Harvested eucalyptus broom is recommended for late autumn, using the branches of eucalyptus rod.

Sagebrush broom

Very rarely popular sagebrush broom for a bath, which is not only a benefit effect on human skin, but in the steam room creates a pleasant aroma. As in the case with nettle broom, sagebrush option can be used only once, after that, all the healing properties are lost.

Harvest sagebrush broom is recommended, when the plant stops flowering, during this period, the strength of the stems is good enough for the convenience of the broom, but the plant itself still will not have time to dry.

Maple broom

Maple broom for a bath is one of the most easy to use. The branches of a maple have a quite high flexibility and also absorb sweat. In addition, maple broom, like everyone else, promotes treatment of the whole body.

Procurement of brooms for a bath

Brooms for a bath

In order, what would be the use of a broom was handy, you need to make important event to properly prepare the broom for a bath. It's quite simple, but there are some nuances, which you should know, namely: how to choose the right twigs for brooms, like knitting brooms and how to hold the brooms. Consider each stage in more detail.

The selection of branches for brooms

The selection of branches for brooms consists of the following recommendations:

  • Choosing trees for leaf production, you must use only those, that grow on the hills.
  • When harvesting broom for a bath give preference only to young trees, their branches are more flexible, and the foliage is lush.
  • In most cases, it is necessary to carry out the procurement of brooms for a bath in the early summer, there are exceptions, which we described a little above (in the section "types of brooms for a bath", under certain types of).
  • The blank leaf baths it is necessary to carry out in warm, dry weather, then the brooms have a higher shelf life.
  • When harvesting select trees brooms, placed in damp areas, on which the shadow falls

Knitting brooms for a bath

Knitting brooms for a bath

So, we discussed, how to make a selection of branches for brooms. As for knitting brooms for a bath, the technology is better to present a step-by-step pictures, namely:

Вязание веников для бани

Knitting brooms for a bath

As you can see, nothing complicated. The main thing, creating a broom, don't make it too thick, this will lead to, that strikes will be painful, and to keep this broom is not very convenient.

Storing brooms

What would the broom is not spoiled and it can be applied over quite a long period of time, it is necessary to store brooms for bath in a cool room, which should be well ventilated. Storage of brooms it is necessary to carry out, hanging them on the rope.

Хранение веников

Storing brooms

Ideally, store brooms is recommended in a special cooling chamber, where they will retain its color and flexibility.

Here is how to hang the brooms for a bath:

Steaming brooms for a bath

Запаривание веников для бани

Steaming brooms for a bath

Last, what you should know about the brooms for a bath this technology for their steaming. There are four cases of steaming broom, which depend on the available amount of time before going to the bath and the condition of the broom.

If you have well dried a broom, no problems will arise. Simply pour in a container of cold water, put into this water broom (minutes 25-30), then drain the cold water and pour into a container with a broom warm water. In warm water broom must be about 7 minutes, then the steaming of the broom is completed.

Please note that, it is prohibited to pour the boiling water broom, this will damage the branches of broom.

The second case is suitable for over-dried broom. Steaming of dried broom for the bath will need to be 20 hours before, how are you going to bathe. All you need, place the broom in the container and pour cold water, what would the branches lay in it 20 hours.

The third case is more common in the practice of the people, who love to bathe. You unexpectedly invited to go to bath, and the broom is not steamed. With a minimum amount of time possible to carry out sufficiently effective steaming broom for a bath. In this case, you need to boil the water and pour it in a bowl with a broom, covering the lid. During the time while you get dressed (10 minutes) broom completely suffocating.

Well, the last case, which can happen very rarely – you are in the steam room, armed with a dry broom. And you can easily get out of the situation, enough to pour in a container of hot water, to put it on 2-3 minutes broom, then they trotted over stove. The result is that the steaming be carried out through the steam from the oven. Only it is important to know, this method requires, what would the broom was quality, otherwise, the fallen leaves on the stove starts to burn and relaxing in the bath will be covered with a copper basin.

Please note that, what a steaming fresh brooms for a bath is prohibited, because. in this case, the branch after steaming to stick together and during use of the broom you will be able to get burns not getting the desired pleasure.

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