Decorative fountains

Landscape design suburban area includes many different decor items. When making a garden in the traditional Russian style one of the "highlights" of Russian design is well.

Russian well can be, as a real (under it will be a well with drinking water), and decorative (as a garden sculpture).

Decorative fountains have proven themselves very well in the garden design. Kind of a well can be fully consistent with this structure, and may look like its a miniature copy.

It should be noted, a decorative well that you can do with your hands, and you can purchase a ready-made product.

With self-design well recommend you to consider the following tips:

  • As construction materials and material finishes, use wood and natural stone, they most closely fit the style of the design.
  • The well can be covered, and without it. The, another option looks nice.
  • In order, that would be extra to decorate the well, use plants in pots, small architectural forms and other elements of garden decor.
  • Traditional Russian well presented building with frame. In addition, it is recommended to use wood carving.

To your attention photo of decorative wells in the country:

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