Wooden gazebos

Wooden garden gazebo is a traditional recreation area on the dacha.

The advantage of wooden gazebos in the following:

  • Made from environmentally friendly material
  • Are aesthetically appealing
  • Can have both a high price (carved wood, finewood), and low construction cost (profiled timber, Board, etc.)
  • Fit almost any style of garden
  • Not difficult to manufacture with his own hands

As for the disadvantages of wooden gazebos, the main is relatively little durability (compared to metal and brick gazebos) and its grooming requirements (the wood needs every few years to repaint).
In order to make gazebo of wood with your own hands will require minor material costs and minimal skills on the tree. More important issue is the design of the garden gazebo. It is necessary that the gazebo on the cottage looked beautiful and at the same time was protected from the wind, the sun and rain.

Provide you pictures of wooden gazebos in the original version:

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