Playrooms for two children

Children's room for two children should be carefully considered, after all, you need to place in the room 2 bed, play area and area of study. In addition you need to consider, children love to wonder "who is better", therefore, the furniture and accessories should be as similar, and then the same, otherwise, without scandals and quarrels can not do.

First we need to determine the type of bed. If children room for two children has a larger area, it is best to install 2 single beds.

And here we should pay attention to, the beds should be placed symmetrically relative to the room. Again, if one bed to stand near the window, and the second one in a remote corner, will "carve" for the best place.

If there is insufficient free space you can solve the problem with the beds, using a bunk bed.

There is need to compromise: who sleeps on top, and who is the bottom. For example, if the children are a boy and a girl, the boy needs to explain, what girls need to give. But if in the family of two same-sex child, then you can offer it in turns to sleep on the top (or lower) bed (once a month, or six months to change).

Now consider the basic nuances when creating a nursery for two children:

  • Color palette the nursery should be submitted to the linen colours or colour combinations (no more than three). Eliminate from the interior of the pale and dark tones, because. they will oppress the children.
  • Furniture should be the same. It is better when each child will have their own personal locker or bedside table.
  • When placing single beds there is an important caveat: if children of different sexes, beds should be away from each other as far as possible (because. boys and girls their interests should be as much personal space).
  • Be sure to install in the room the Swedish wall and other accessories sports.. Children must from childhood be passionate about sports.
  • Children's room should have large Windows, because. natural light positively affects mood and health.

To your attention photos of children's rooms for two children:

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