Baby rooms for girls

The creation of the interior of the nursery for girls is a very complex process. First, you need to consider, girls love beauty and romance (it must be used in the interior). Second, girls just need different accessories, decorating a room. Well, third, it is difficult to find the right color scheme room, because. banal pink color is suitable for taste not for every girl.

So, the basic requirements for the children's room design for girls:

  • Colors. It is best to use light colors, such as beige, white, cream, light green and rose smoke. If you wish to create a contrast of colors, be sure to use purple or lilac. In any case, you should not decorate in pale or dark colours, because. they inhibit a child's.
  • Bed. Your daughter needs to feel like a Princess, therefore, the bed should be appropriate. The most suitable beds for girl's bedroom – four poster bed.
  • Furniture. From early childhood girls love fashion and makeup, so a small trellis is a kind of play area for girls. Just don't forget about the glove locker and a Desk.
  • Lighting. As artificial lighting is recommended to install the lamp beside the bed, and beautiful chandelier. That day the room was well-lit, Windows should be large and light curtains.
  • Accessories. The most suitable accessories for the maiden child's room are stuffed toys, mirrors and various posters romantic theme.

To your attention pictures of baby rooms for girls:

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