Nurseries for newborns

Design a child's room for a newborn baby includes many important requirements, that affect safety and the development of the child in the room.

Among these requirements are the following (most major):

  • Colors. Definitely the room needs to be bright, not overloaded with bright colors. Too dark shades it is recommended to exclude from the interior.
  • Furniture. In any case do not spare on the furniture for a newborn. The cot should be made from natural materials, which will not damage the health of the baby. It should also be noted, the crib should be well pass sunlight and must not have sharp corners (this is extremely dangerous).
  • Security. The outlet should be at a safe altitude, that child would not get to them. The window must also be out of reach of kids.
  • The location of the room. What would you hear, when the baby woke up, room for a newborn baby needs to be around my parents, you can even make it combined.
  • Background noise will often Wake the child, so try to isolate the room from noise (cars on the street, the neighbors on the block, etc.)
  • Do not forget that small children is naughty. All the walls are recommended to hang washable Wallpaper, whatever traces of the pen you could try to flush.
  • As for flooring, it is best to choose carpet. The ceiling is recommended to decorate various relief decorations, that will interest the child.

To your attention photos of nurseries for newborns:

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