Design idea for apartment

Sometimes, the design of the apartment, I want to go beyond existing rules and to create an exclusive interior of the rooms, which will combine the most contrary to the materials and design elements.

The interior of this apartment is a bright representative of this idea. Design idea for this apartment included the rough concrete ceilings, wooden walls, stylish lighting and interesting accessories, which can be seen in every room.

All rooms are spacious, that provides an advantage for realization of their own ideas and fantasies.

For example, living room, actually like all of the other rooms, submitted by style fusion. It combines concrete floors, the ceiling, bright furniture, do not understand the mechanisms on the ceiling and even the chest.

Kitchen large, with wooden furniture. "Highlight" of the interior of the kitchen is a huge purple lamp over the table. In addition, the interior of the room complement the mechanisms and bright rug.

As for bedrooms, it is very spacious, with a large window. In the bedroom there are elements of loft style (brick wall and ceiling design). Note the shelves in the bedroom, their appearance also adds to the interior exclusivity.

It should be noted, the apartment has a bathroom as, and bathroom. As the first, and the second room is decorated in the style of the entire apartment.

Photo design ideas for apartment:

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