One bedroom apartment in Scandinavian style

We have already discussed the main features Scandinavian style in the interior. We also provide you photos of the apartment in Scandinavian style.

Now I wanted to show you one more idea of apartment design in Scandinavian style.

When viewing the galleries I recommend you to pay attention to the following features of the design of this one-bedroom apartment:

  • All walls and ceilings painted white, characteristic of the Scandinavian style. The only exception are bathroom and kitchen, where the walls are finished with white ceramic tiles.
  • All the furniture in the apartment is wooden. Even the white kitchen furniture, wooden countertops.
  • As accessories in the interior is used the animal's skin, horns, guitar and tortoise shell. Unusual accessories in harmony with each other and make the interior rooms exclusive.
  • The living room is bright sofa, what is characteristic for the Scandinavian style (on the background of white walls should be a bright spot).
  • Bedroom and hallway have a small area, but this does not prevent them to be functional.

Photo two-room apartment in Scandinavian style:

Also, view the photo gallery: small bright apartment!

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