Wooden home interior

The interior of this private home made exclusively in wooden finish.

A small area of the house, therefore, living room, combined with dining room, a children's room, kitchen and bedroom have little to no free space.

Flooring around the house has light parquet. Wall sewn unpainted boards.

The ceiling combo: in some of the rooms meets the plain light plaster, and some of the ceiling planks sewn.

Apparently in the family two children, boy and girl. In the nursery for boy decorative element acts as a padding rack: bright guitar. In the children's room for girl the Cabinet has further favored accessory: the bright red trim is seen little white sheep.

Special attention is paid to lighting wooden house. The Windows are large, so during the day all rooms are well lit with natural light. At night, the building illuminates the beautiful wooden chandelier in the living room, as well as forged metal wall lamps.

On bathroom, finished "under the tree", also should pay attention. The tub itself is in truth a wooden, actually like the sink.

Interior wooden houses are made with elements country style, as evidenced by the furniture and the decoration of the room.

To your attention photo of interior design wooden house:

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