Interior small apartment

In the design of a small apartment you need to consider the fact, that room should be visually expanded. To do this, use light colors on the walls and ceiling, as well as the use of mirrors and functional furniture.

The interior of this apartment includes some of the features of classical and Mediterranean style.

Classicism presented by the design of the furniture in the living room and the kitchen: beautiful wooden furniture does not overload the room interior with bright color and excessive elegance.

Mediterranean style presented by the walls in the living room and the bathroom interior (blue and white tones).

Dining room includes features of the style Provence, what can be seen on the curtains and the chairs at the table.

Interior a child's room very quiet and cozy, unnecessary decorative load is absent.

We offer to your attention photo of the interior of a small apartment:

We also recommend to browse photo small apartment bright colours!

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