How to make a spring at the dacha with his hands?

If your summer cottage has no natural reservoirs, would you like to decorate the landscape garden design is hydraulic structure, why not create an artificial pond? Today in the Internet there are a lot of ideas on the creation of artificial ponds, springs and streams with their hands. Next, we will provide you with the simplest technology to create a spring at the dacha with his hands.

Tools and materials to create a spring

To create a spring with your hands do not need huge financial costs, it is sufficient to choose the appropriate means to acquire water pump. So, to create the spring in the country, we need:

  • The water tank (preferably plastic and with a capacity of about 200 liters)
  • Shovel
  • Metal shears
  • Ordinary scissors
  • Metal grill (as tight as you can)
  • Water pump closed loop
  • Nozzle for pump-type "bell"
  • Fiberglass
  • Natural stones, decorative gravel and sand

How to make a spring with your hands?

Самодельный искусственный родник на даче

Homemade artificial spring at the cottage

The first thing is to define the location of the spring. It is best to install an artificial spring near the recreation area, that would give the terrain a more unusual landscape design. Please note that, that place under the spring must be visible from all sides of the garden plot.

Next, mark out the contours of a future spring. Contours of the spring will be the size of the container (if the barrel, its diameter). After the outlines are marked, take up the shovel and bayonet pulls any pit, that would set it capacity was at the level of the earth's surface.

That would align the bottom of the pit, add a pillow of sand, then the bottom and wall thoroughly tamp.

Котлован под родник

The pit for the spring

Place the container in a pit. Formed between the container walls and the walls of the pit, the gaps fill with sand and tamp.

In a container put the water pump and pour water.

Почти завершенный родник

Almost completed the spring

On top of the tank, install a metal grate around the middle and cut with snips a small hole.

Установка металлической решетки на родник

Installation of metal bars on a spring

On top of the grid proselyte fiberglass and a hole cut in it in the same place, as in the metal lattice.

Print created holes through the pipe of the pump to the surface and set her a special nozzle.

Realize first start the pump, during which it is necessary to adjust the direction of the jet and the height of vypiska.

Well, in the end, decorate artificial spring decorative materials, such as natural stone or decorative gravel. In addition, the spring can be improved moisture-loving plants and small architectural forms.

You can make the spring more unusual: to create the effect of vypiska water from the stone. This idea will give your a spring giving a more unique look, although the technology of creating not too much will change.

The preparatory work and the basic process remains the same: Roy pit, installed capacity, submersible pump etc. Will differ only in the process of decorating the spring. Instead of small architectural forms right in the middle of the spring will stand a great natural stone (the main thing, what would the grid withstood its weight). All you need, this drill stone vertical hole, diameter which needs quite a bit wider than the diameter of the pipe pump. Next, the tube is passed through the stone and cut the balance of the output level of the pipe of stone. In the result stream will flow as if from a stone, thereby attracting the attention of visitors and tourists on the country territory.

That's all in the spring at the dacha with his hands. After studying this material, you can start creating your own artificial spring in his summer cottage!

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