Brick gazebo

Brick is one of the most popular materials, used in the construction of capital structures.
Brick gazebos have a strict classical design and are not special features of the construction.

The main advantages of brick gazebos are:

  • Very high durability of construction (about, as gazebo made of natural stone)
  • Brick gazebo fits well into any garden style and is comfortable for rest.
  • There are no special requirements to care for
  • Harmoniously combined with metal and wooden inserts (often create combined gazebos)

Disadvantages of brick gazebos:

  • Needs a more solid Foundation (due to the weight of contructii)
  • The necessary skills for laying bricks (otherwise, you will need additional material costs of the specialist's work)
  • The relatively high cost of building materials
  • Not too original design

Despite its shortcomings, brick pavilion is popular among gardeners and has worked well, as a recreation area.

Below are photos of brick gazebo on the dacha.

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