Cottage in classical style

The classic interior of the cottage is suited for more Mature, wealthy people.

Immediately, entering the hallway, see all the luxury classic style: chairs and sofas of wood, decorated with gilding and rich fabrics, wrought iron chandelier, as well as wooden parquet, combined with the dark walls.

Interior living room in classic style stress brown leather sofa and large wooden Cabinet front.

Bedroom brighter, but the bed and wardrobe reflect the luxury of the interior.

The exception is children's room for girl. Colors presented by the combination of white with pink, that is not peculiar the classic style.

Living room on the second floor are also presented in a classical style.

Kitchen, combined with dining room, decorated in bright colours, allowing comfortable to be in this room.

Interior bathroom seems more modern for a Jacuzzi and shower with hydromassage.

Personal account processed according to the requirements of classicism: coffered ceiling, flooring, furniture made of precious wood and dark walls.

Photo of the interior of the cottage in a classic style:

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