Cottage kitsch

Your attention is the interior design of a cottage in a creative and colourful style kitsch. Surely the owners of this cottage are young people with active lifestyle, because. the style demands bold color and planning decisions.

The first room upon entrance to the cottage kitchen, which is a bit unusual. In addition to this,, the kitchen also has a creative design: the bottom of the brick walls, the top is covered with posters, and the ceiling in the form of a beamed ceiling.

Living room decorated in more soothing shades: bright wall combined with brown furniture.

The cottage also present personal account kitsch. They have wooden floors and wooden furniture, and against the backdrop of white walls adorned with original accessory in the form of a shield and a vivid picture.

Bathroom in a bright yellow color also shows the essence of kitsch: the bold design of the walls for a small visual load of the interior.

In addition the cottage has a small terrace, covered with flowers, decorated with bright plastic chairs yellow.

Photo of interior design cottage style kitch:

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