Cottage in the style of hi-tech

Modern style interior "hi-tech"includes the functionality of the style constructivism combined with the beautiful decoration of the rooms and using modern technologies design (materials, the shape of the furniture, etc.).

Design a cottage in the style of hi-tech well-observed in each room, especially in the living room.

Living room two. The first living room has tiered ceiling, original design shelf in the wall, bright red sofa and same color chandelier. Wallpaper gentle color, and as the floor covering is the flooring.

Second living room the room also has tiered ceiling, but its design is slightly different. "Highlight" of the second living room is one of the walls, covered with Wallpaper in the form of forest roads. The furniture has creative design, but a lighter shade, which is not so evident.

Bedroom decorated with elements of style modern: sinuous lines adorn the floor and mirror wardrobes. The ceiling, again, multilevel, but the highlight of the bedroom is a painting of an erotic nature, giving the bedroom intimate setting.

Bathroom has a contrasting color scheme, which creates a luxury look of the room.

Photos of cottage design in the style of hi-tech:

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