Beautiful private house in Spain

In the design of this private house has no particular style. We can say, the whole interior is made in style fusion, because. the kitchen presents style hi-tech, bathroom pop art, and living Scandinavian style.

Despite this the interior of a private house is very cozy and original.

The large living room highlight is the bright green couch and sporting a goat (apparently, Hobbies of the owners).

Kitchen furniture is very stylish, with function lighting, indicating the use of high-tech style.

The house has two bedrooms, different interior.

In the bathroom you can see creative bath concrete, and shower, ceramic tiles in the style of pop art.

Despite the fact, that color scheme is a little different in the rooms, mostly important is white color, visually create more space.

Not very practical is a concrete floor, because. for it pulls cold, but most likely the climate of Spain is not threatened.

To your attention photo of the interior of a private house in fusion:

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