The apartment is in a classic style interior

Classic style in the interior (classicism) is one of the most popular and beautiful.

The apartment is in a classic style suitable for older owners, which taste beautiful carved furniture, parquet and low bright accessories.

This apartment is decorated in the best traits of the classical style, that is evident not only in the materials used in the rooms, but the placement of furniture and additional accessories.

"Highlight" of the interior is a wooden weapon stand in the living room, testifying, the master of the house is a collector of weapons.

In addition to the weapons bench in the living room has a beautiful leather sofa with chair and table. Pay attention to the design of the table: the top has a checkerboard, what also catches the eye and creates an exclusive interior.

Seen, what living room combined with the personal Cabinet, what is often used in creating classic interiors. Thus, the living room still complements the large bookcase and wooden Desk. Again, harmoniously integrated into the room wooden Cabinet with alcoholic beverages.

Kitchen the apartment is small, light. Wooden white furniture is combined well with curtains and bright walls. Complements kitchen interior luxurious chandelier.

Last, what I would like to draw attention, this bright bedroom. Mirror Cabinet, Golden door handles and the beautiful classical furniture that create comfort in the room.

Classic interior 2-3 bedroom apartment is presented in 9 beautiful photos. Mainly use dark tones of natural wood, in the interior of the apartment.

9 Photo of apartment design in classic style:

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