Is it possible to save when drilling a well for water?

The construction of a country house or estate requires you to start work with the supply to the site of electricity supply, water, wastewater disposal and road construction. If you don't have a centralized conduit, then you need a well for water. It's troublesome, but without it it is impossible. To make a real cost estimate for the whole range of activities, need to know, how much is the meter of drilling a well and other technological works.

The cost of the well and the whole complex of works

Getting started with work, you should always outline an action plan, number of tools and devices, who will perform work on this site, how to make installation of pipes and automation, but most importantly - the price of the entire project and cost estimate. It is necessary to provide for everything, to meet real deadlines.

Factors, on which may depend on the cost of drilling:

  • Drilling depth;
  • Features of the location of the aquifer;
  • Cost of materials, pump and filter;
  • The price of works on arrangement and on the whole process;
  • Selection of a reputable organization and conclusion of a contract.

A rational approach provides for competent organization of work, so that savings on work do not affect the quality. Costly event, but there are provisions affecting the cost of individual works, and therefore, how much will the entire project of drilling a well under water cost. Using expert advice, you can significantly save on the implementation of the project. More information can be found on the website:

Пример выполненных работ бурения скважины под ключ, специалистами компании «Сила Воды».

Example of performed works of drilling a well on a turnkey basis, specialists of the company "Power of Water".

How to save?

Experienced workers usually offer to work with a small installation. Small dimensions convenient to transport, and quickly set up for drilling. Such an installation can drill to a depth of up to 50 meters. Make sure that the power supply of the site is reliable, in order not to pay extra for the services of the electric generator. If the artesian well will be drilled by your neighbors, then discounts will work, and the cost of the project will also decrease.

How to save on drilling a well really:

  • Find promotions on the Internet, discounts and bonuses for performance of works;
  • To execute the complex of all works on the principle of "turnkey";
  • Make a wholesale order for drilling, cooperate with your neighbors;
  • Find the best prices for quality pipes, pump, filter and other materials of your project;
  • Demand a passport and warranty conditions, and pumping the well to clean water.

For the purity of the project, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the conditions of drilling and arrangement of wells on the example of the city of Kharkov and the region. Company "Power of Water". In the description you will find: turnkey drilling, work with original equipment, guarantees of performed works, warranty conditions, consultations on drilling issues and acceptance of applications from clients. Work from project to clean water!

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