Inflatable and frame pools "Intex" for a suburban area: advantage and the main varieties

Inflatable and frame pools for the suburban area are a very good option for owners, with a small amount of money, but wanting to splash around in the heat in the private pool. Today, there are many manufacturers of inflatable and frame pools, having different design features, size and trim decorative. Now we will talk about, what are varieties of inflatable and frame pools for country site provides the company "Intex", and also consider all the benefits of this manufacturer's pools.

The advantage of inflatable pools "Intex"

Надувной бассейн "Intex"

Inflatable swimming pool “Intex”

As for the main advantages of inflatable and frame pools in the suburban area, it is undoubtedly a mobility structures, the ability to assemble a design without any professional assistance and lower costs compared to the creation of capital pool.

The disadvantage is less durability compared to concrete pool, built with his own hands.

Considering the inflatable and frame pools for a suburban area can not be said about the most popular manufacturer of these structures, company "Intex". Inflatable and frame pools "Intex" have a lot of advantages compared to their competitors. Among the most significant advantages of this pools from the company "Intex" are the following:

  1. Pools "Intex" do not require prior extra preparatory work, such as digging and creating drainage
  2. Design features of the swimming pools "Intex" allow installation of facilities for no more than a couple of hours
  3. Pools "Intex" has a wide variety of products, ranging from children's pools to huge pools with a volume of up to 54 m3
  4. Pools "Intex" consist of high-strength film, developed by technology Super-Tough
  5. In addition to a wide range of volume pools "Intex", facilities of this company can be presented in different versions: fully inflatable or inflatable frame.
  6. The appearance of the basins is quite attractive and certainly do not spoil the overall composition of the landscape design site.
  7. Manufacturers of swimming pools "Intex" approve the change of status of their buildings at their summer cottage, and other manufacturers to the contrary, pay attention to the fact, what would the owners rarely changed the location of the pool.
  8. Pools the company "Intex" have a quite optimal ratio in the category of quality/price. Although this product is priced a bit above the rest, durability and simplicity of design pools justifies cash.
  9. Assembled pool does not occupy much space and weighs quite a little, that allows you to store it in the winter in a heated building and transported to the cottage in the summer season.

As you can see, the advantages of pools the company "Intex" a lot, a disadvantage is the relatively high price compared to competitors. So, we strongly recommend to spend a little more money on acquiring products of this kind and to enjoy a truly comfortable vacation at their summer cottage.

The variation of the basins of the company "Intex"

As we said earlier, company "Intex" pools offered in two varieties: inflatable and frame. Inflatable pools are smaller and are more often used as children's pools. That would be comfortable to relax with friends at their summer cottage, or to relax after a hard day it is recommended to set frame pool, having a more robust design boards. Next, we consider the variety of both types of pools and the structural features of each of the structures.

Inflatable pools "Intex"

Овальный надувной бассейн "Intex"

Oval inflatable pool “Intex”

Inflatable pools "Intex" have a very simple design, which is a round pool with the inflatable ring at the top and a solid film as the bumpers. Inflatable top ring pool is in order, that would give the pool a round shape and make a film wall of building vertical and smooth on all sides. When the water will be drawn into the pool, the ring will gradually rise to the desired level, thereby pulling the film.

The advantage of inflatable pools is the mobility of structures and availability of installation on unprepared surfaces, important to remove all debris and sharp objects from the base under the pool.

On the downside of inflatable pools, he is one, but very powerful – it is forbidden to lean on the rail, presents an inflatable ring. Because of this drawback most of the vacationers prefer the collapsible frame pools.

It is also another design feature of inflatable pools "Intex" – the film, which consists of all the building. As we have said, film, used to create pools "Intex" is developed by technology Super-Tough. The polymer film has a 2 ply construction, which provides high strength, the resistance to mechanical damage, stretching, abrasion and fading when exposed to sun light on the pool.

Variety of inflatable pools "Intex" is quite broad. The smallest representative of inflatable pools "Intex" is the building height 76 cm and a diameter of 244 cm. As for the most inflatable pools "Intex", it has a height of 132 cm and the diameter 550 cm, which is enough for bathing of an adult.

Круглый надувной бассейн "Intex"

Round inflatable swimming pool “Intex”

Turning to frame pools "Intex" it should be noted, there is a model, which cannot be fully attributed either to the inflatable, no frame construction. It is an inflatable oval pool, reinforced metal frame. This model has a height of 1,2 meter, width 3,7 meters and the length from 6 to 8,5 meters. The advantage of this model is the ability to rely on the bumpers, so popular among consumers it enjoys.

Frame pools "Intex"

Unlike the inflatable pools "Intex", frame absolutely does not have inflatable parts. Construction of a frame pools "Intex" presents all of the same high strength film, attached to prefabricated metal constructions.

Наименьший представитель каркасных бассейнов "Intex"

The least representative frame pools “Intex”

In the standard version, frame pools "Intex" is composed of horizontal and vertical supports, which connect with a T-shaped hinge. If the pool has an oval or rectangular shape, it, as a rule, the opposing support beams of the structures strapped wide strips.

Прямоугольный каркасный бассейн Intex для большой компании

Rectangular frame pool Intex for a large company

In the result frame pools "Intex" has a high resistance on the surface, which does not require additional activities to build the bumpers. The boards are suitable for, after bathing you can lean on them and rest easy.

Еще одна разновидность каркасных бассейнов "Intex"

Another kind of frame pools “Intex”

It should also be noted, that installation of frame pools "Intex" does not require special tools or professional help, enough to manually gather all the design and some elements, tighten with a screwdriver, that can also be attributed to the benefits of swimming pools "Intex".

Installation time frame pools take about half an hour (have a very tiny model) up to 2 hours (and this with the 9-meter pool!), what, no doubt, is a huge advantage!

Just draw your attention to the fact, that frame pools "Intex" can be decorative, which will give the landscape design of the suburban area more unique and luxurious look. An example of this decorative finishes the pool is the model Sequoia Spirit, lined with plastic panels wood coloring.

Бассейн Intex в декоративном исполнении

Intex pool, decorative

That's all, I would like to tell you about the inflatable and frame pools the company "Intex", the advantages and appearance of pools speak for themselves, therefore, if you decide to get a private pool at their summer cottage, pay due attention to the products of this company.

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