Wall mural, murals and large patterned wallpapers for the walls of the apartment, home and office

The art of wall painting is one of the oldest decorative treatments in the world., inherently different from other forms of visual art in, how is it related to the architecture and design of the room.

Discover bedroom design ideas for home design, food and travel around the home and garden. The impact of the photo wallpaper in the apartment room, home or office, can create like a grand theater feeling, of nature, and dramatically change the feeling of the spatial proportions of the room. In a fairly recent history of wall design (last few centuries, not millennia) the trend was the use of these murals on paper, significantly increasing their versatility. If you want to order something to order or order without reference to the finished drawings, and make photo murals from your own photos, we recommend contacting and getting to know the company https://walldeco.ru/themes and their individual services, as well as ready-made examples of beautiful photo wallpapers, in a large catalog, as in the photo of the headings below.

Recommendations, for choosing wall murals and murals

First, what to consider, is the architecture of the room suitable for that type of photo wallpaper, murals, which client means. Next, we’ll talk about style and design.. Often it’s better to stay true to your home style., interior apartment, although sometimes not typical solutions and photo paintings can work beautifully, for general decor.

Some apartments, at home, do not lend themselves to large murals, pictures, in our experience, canteens, corridors and bathrooms - the best places to place them. In the living rooms, as a rule, too much furniture, and people love bedrooms, to be calm. But if you place the mural in the dining room, on the kitchen, this provides a starting point for conversation. Spectacular murals and paintings, can create a real stir and a lot of impressions, for guests. Of course, it is better to place photowall-paper in public places, where they can be filed to a place and a general review.

Photowall-paper differs from pictures and other art in that, that they create a complete environment; in some cases you can even say an extension of experience. A correctly executed and carefully selected photo wallpaper can work at a rather subconscious level. Eye line height is critical. In the dining room, I often omit the point of view, because most people will look at her while sitting. Thus, you can make her and yourself feel excessively larger in a small room, than she really is. Usually, when i paint murals, i draw the light like that, how it falls in the daylight, although sometimes the picture, falling in the wrong direction, can create interesting stress. The same goes for photo wallpaper..

If i have a client, which is not Russian, like Japanese or Chinese, it will change the way, which I draw certain periods. I always think about, how this style will be historically exaggerated and interpreted in accordance with this culture. The same goes for choosing a photo., for wallpaper, her editorial staff.

Wall mural must be chosen out of time and fashion. It's about improving the architecture of the room.

Decorative Wall Murals

Wall paintings are a fantastic addition to any home due to their adaptable shape and size.. No matter, do you want to place the mural on the wall, to act as a statement wall, want to decorate an awkwardly inclined wall or just want to bring a new atmosphere to your home, wall stickers can help you achieve your desired look. The current selection of murals can soothe modern, rustic, urban or traditional interior design styles. If you outgrew your mural design and want another, find out, do you need to take it off or if you can wallpaper over it in our guide above.

When you are looking, to use mural wallpaper, don't forget to measure the wall you want to apply mural stickers, so that you know, what size is custom made. You can always crop the mural, if she is too big, but if she is too small, she may look out of place. Using murals as wallpaper can change the look of any room in the house., so you are not limited to the stickers you use. Remember, what can you decorate the bedroom, living room or home office!

Wall paintings for children

Want to decorate your child’s bedroom or playground with your favorite movie characters or their favorite hobby? Wall murals are a great way to easily upgrade your bedroom or play space with a fun and decorative design., which they will like for many years, and which can be removed, if they outgrow it. Mural collections for kids range from cool space themes, up movie characters, sports, horses and more. Wall paintings can be mounted on paste and glue or removable and reusable self-adhesive, so you can choose one, which suits your needs best, without limiting your style options.

Photowall-paper creating illusions

Creating mural illusions is also a great way to open a small space., such as an apartment or a cottage. They can help create optical illusions., which make the eye think, that space is bigger, what really is. The illusion in the wall mural varies in theme from country to city., tropical to space, and much more. They also come in different sizes., so you can paste the mural on the door, smaller wall or larger wall. Customize your small mural space, which helps bring design and color, without overloading a small space, which you should decorate!

Decorating with mural decals can be fun for anyone, Are you looking for adult mural decal, or mural for a child. There are so many mural options, to choose from this suitable, correct drawing, for your home. The hardest part can be simple, you only need to choose among many flawless frescoes!

Wallpapering on top of old wallpapers is possible.?

If you don't like your current wallpaper or it's time for a change, new murals can decorate almost any room. you can ask, can you stick new wallpapers over old wallpapers? Answer yes, but it depends on a few elements. Find out more in our guide below..

Factors to consider

There are two types of wallpaper.: uncoated and vinyl coated. In most cases, uncoated paper can be wallpapered.. However, vinyl paper cannot be wallpapered.. Vinyl is non-porous, therefore new wallpapers will not stick to it, and adding a layer on top of it will create mold. You have to delete it, before putting new wallpaper. We also recommend not wallpapering embossed or embellished wallpapers., as this will create bumps.

If you don't know, Are your wallpapers covered?, moisten the sponge with warm water and wipe it on a small corner. If the entire area darkens with moisture, then it is uncoated.

Wallpaper Status

If your current wallpaper is cracked or peeling, you will have to delete them completely, before putting new wallpaper. If the wallpaper in your bathroom is very old and not designed for a humid environment, we recommend removing them, before setting new wallpapers, as there may be dirt and mold under it.

Color old wallpaper

If your existing wallpaper is very dark or has a bold pattern, it may appear through your new mural. If you want to check it out, buy a sample of your new wallpaper and place it in a small area, to see, whether old wallpapers are shown through them.

The number of layers of wallpaper

It is not recommended to wallpaper more than one layer.. So, If you know, that there is only one layer of wallpaper on the wall, and it is consistent with the above considerations, you can wallpaper it. However, if your wall has more than one layer of wallpaper, then be sure to delete them. If you are not sure, then you, possible, will have to cut or peel the bottom piece of wallpaper, to see, if there is another layer below them.

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