Scarecrow, called the Scarecrow, is used, that would scare the birds away from the garden, fruit trees and shrubs. Birds are garden pests, because. peck the entire crop and is considered, what vegetable stuffed easily solves this problem.

Make a Scarecrow with your own hands is quite simple, you only need to find old clothes, a few wooden sticks and a gasket for the head with the body.

To design scarecrows must be approached responsibly, otherwise it will not perform its function efficiently.

When making stuffed animals, we recommend to use the following tips:

  • Garden doll as exactly as possible to resemble the human form
  • Scarecrow must be high
  • Use bright hues when making stuffed, it will frighten the birds
  • Attach the Scarecrow bells, which will make the ringing in the wind, this will scare away garden pests
  • What would the Scarecrow was a part of the garden decor, book him, as the fantastic character

To your attention photo of the design of the scarecrows with their hands:

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