Outdoor pool

The most popular type pool is an outdoor pool. It is not difficult to do with their hands using all their imagination and creativity. Outdoor pools in the country can be framed, inflatable and capital.
In this gallery we look at the photo of design of outdoor pools at the capital execution, and now some of its features.
Capital pool most complex in the development and maintenance of. In addition, the capital pool is the most expensive. Despite this advantage of a capital pool, that it is durable, aesthetically appealing and easy to use.

Most often pools of capital pose on the front area of the garden or near the recreation area.

In the design of the outdoor pool, use the following tips:

  • Shore of the basin make natural stone, Board or rubber tiles. These materials are the most attractive and practical.
  • Install in the pool of functional lighting. Night your bright pool will be "the highlight" of the interior.
  • Create a free-form pool: with smooth or sharp lines.

Photo outdoor pools in the country:

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