The beach at the cottage – the resettlement around the shore of the pool

Decoration around the shore of the pool is the responsible process, because. from this in the future will depend on the convenience of guests at their summer cottage, as well as the complexity of care of the pool. Next, we consider the most suitable materials and ideas for decorating a beach cottage. I'll also give you a few popular materials, which should not elevate the area around the pool.

Materials for the decoration of beach cottage

What would be the use of the pool was convenient, and at the same time the whole composition decorated the landscape design site, you must use the following elements of decorating beach cottage:

  • Pave coast pool suitable material
  • To complement the swimming pool ornamental plants
  • To equip on the beach the area

So, all in order.

Paving the beach

For paving of beach in the country is necessary to choose a durable, non-slip and at the same time, decorative materials.

The classic version of the shore – sand and gravel is almost never used at their summer cottage, because. the long sand dries out after a rain, and the gravel is uncomfortable to walk. Besides the gravel too warm in the sun, what makes walking on the beach at the cottage not too comfortable.

Пляж на даче из тротуарной плитки

The beach at the cottage paving

To give preference it is recommended that the paving tiles, it may be decorative to complement the whole composition, besides care it is almost not required. You must choose tiles with a rough surface, because. while swimming in the pool water will get to the Bank and make the tiles slippery, jeopardizing walking on the beach.

It is also recommended to pay attention to this material for paving, as wood. If you choose is moisture resistant and durable sort of wood, and optionally treating the material with antiseptic substance, the beach at the cottage will find a decorative look. The advantage of wood lies in the softness of the coating and the durability of the material (if he has all the necessary features).

Another very popular modern material for paving – decking or the so-called alluvial terrace Board. This is a module made of polypropylene and sawdust, which have a decorative appearance and long life. The lack of decking – the high price, advantage – ease of installation of the coating.

Берег бассейна из террасовой доски

Bank of the pool from the terraced Board

And finally is a little to say about the lawn. Many gardeners decorate the beach on the cottage lawn. Behind him though, and requires constant care, but a decorative lawn grass will make the beach at the cottage most unusual. What would lawn the coating lasts a long time and decorated the beach with their views, you must choose wear-resistant seeds lawn grasses or sports the lawn rolls.

Газон на пляже

The lawn on the beach

Decoration Bank

To decorate the shore it is recommended to use ornamental plants. First, they enrich the shore with oxygen, second, decorate the landscape design site, third, require virtually no care.

Растения в вазонах на пляже

Plants in pots on the beach

Please note that, what to plant decorative plants in the pool or on the shore is strictly prohibited: chloride water will kill them, besides the attractive pool will become like a pond and the convenience of bathing can not be considered.

Decorating beach cottage decorative plants it is necessary to use a container planting of flowers. In this case, the plants will not directly interact with the water, besides, they can always be put in the room (in bad weather or in winter), and swap, changing the recreation areas.

The creation of a recreation area

Зона отдыха на пляже

Recreation area on the beach

Well, the main element of the suburban pool – relaxation area. Want more swim and sunbathe or enjoy a refreshing beverage.

On the banks of the pool, it is necessary to equip the area. This can be a small gazebo, sun loungers, garden furniture under a beach umbrella and even rocking chair. It is also recommended to build near the swimming pool Playground, that the children were resting near you.

Materials and elements of landscape design, which are not suitable for setting up the beach at the cottage.

So, first, let's talk about the materials of the paving of the banks of the pool.

As we said earlier, the shore should not be slippery, therefore, the flat tile immediately to exclude.

It is also recommended to avoid paved, because. volatile substances during the heat of the poison, besides the asphalt will start to melt.

Well, not suitable to create the beach will be wood of low grade: it will quickly begin to rot and the coating will have to restore every season.

As for plants, here we have said, they should be planted in containers.

Besides, it is not recommended to make beach decoration decorative plants with deciduous fall foliage, because. additional activities swimming pool you don't need.

Additional activities to create a functional pool

Finally, please note that, the beach at the cottage need to make a horizontal. Any inclination to the side of the pool will lead to, all melt and rain water will drain into the bowl, that is not good.If, however, the area cannot be cleared (for example, the plot is on the slope), you need to create a protective barrier for the pool in the form of a 15-cm curb.

Подсветка бассейна

The lighting of the pool

So as to create a functional beach in the country, it is recommended to mount the lighting of the pool the highlighting of recreation areas, to enjoy swimming and relaxing by the pool it was possible even in the night time.

That's all, what you should know about creating a beach cottage. Use all your fantasy, that would make a stay very near to the pool as comfortable as possible!

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