Complete Lighting Guide: how to choose a chandelier for home and cottage

If you want to decorate your lighting, chandelier - the last word in luxury. It defines and complements your space, and also emphasizes the style, unlike any other. Chandeliers are functional at the same time, exquisite and magnificently aesthetically pleasing. Love chandeliers, but don't know, how to choose the right one for your home, apartments or country cottages? Read our complete guide to choosing lighting and what to look out for.

Types of chandeliers

The chandelier you choose should perfectly fit the interior style of your house or apartment. Chandeliers, unfortunately, not cheap, and you'll want to invest in that, that should last a lifetime! Find something, which suits your décor style and emphasizes your individuality.

Check what types of chandeliers are sold in your area, City, compare prices. Our friends bought chandelier in Kharkov and Kiev, in this store by link, that huge selection of almost 8000 options allowed to choose the best. The catalog has an amazing sorting of lighting fixtures for any wallet, style and purpose.

  • Glass globes with illumination: if your interior is modern, look for a simple and stylish item, for example, this stunning set of illuminated glass globes.

  • Crystal chandeliers: and if you mean classics, you can't go wrong, choosing this elegant crystal beauty!

  • Stairwell: Here's a beautiful vertical element, which will look exquisite in a space of double height, for example, in the shaft of your stairwell...

And if your décor is fashionable and youthful, then the lighting grid with similar groups of lights is ideal for you!

Comments on the space of the chandelier

Chandeliers require attention. Lighting element, which is too big for your room, will look crowded, and that, which is too small, will be ignored. Here's how to make your choice.

Chandelier diameter:

As a rule, measure the length and width of your room in feet, convert the resulting number to inches, and that's the diameter, that you should be looking for! So, if your room is the size 11 feet on 14 feet, your chandelier should be the size of 25 Inches.

Chandelier height:

The higher you hang the chandelier, the greater the light circle on the floor. And what is it lower., the smaller and brighter the corresponding puddle of light will be.. Most apartments today have a ceiling height of 2,7 to 3 meters, and if you choose a suspended ceiling, this distance will be reduced even more. Choose a high chandelier, only if you have a ceiling height from 3,3 to 3,6 meter. Low ceiling requires a more compact, but not vertical style.

Notes: placing furniture under the chandelier is also a key factor, which will help you choose the height of the lighting suspension. If you have free space under it, then if it is too low, you run the risk of hitting your head on the lamps! But if it is located directly above the central table in the living room or suspended above the dining table, you can lower to a height 1,8 – 2,1 meter or so.

And although you may fall in love with a particular thing, if it does not meet these space and size requirements, you really should continue your search.

Recommendations for the design of chandeliers

Aplites or lamps for chandelier?

If your chandelier has light, upward, you will get a soft diffused light, which is reflected from the ceiling and does not cast shadows in the room.

On the other hand, if the light is directed downwards, it will cast separate pools of light and shadow, which merge on the floor, creating an interesting composition. The greater the number of lights, the more smooth and consistent will be the light circle at the bottom.

What lamps to buy for the chandelier?

LED lamps are the most energy-saving option, and if the green light is important to you, choose a chandelier, which can be equipped with LEDs. Some modern ceiling lights look good with Edison lamps, in which you can see, that the tungsten filament glows orange through the glass body of the bulb.

Traditional incandescent bulbs were inexpensive., but consumed a lot of energy; if you will turn on the chandelier light for a few hours, then these lamps can burn a hole! Be sure to check these options during the purchase itself., since chandeliers of some styles are designed for installation only with certain types of energy-saving lamps, not traditional filament lamps, especially from 100-150 W.

What are the crystal chandeliers?

Crystal chandeliers are equipped with small beads or prisms made of crystal, which are hanging around the central lamp or lamps. Each of the beads refracts light and scatters it in different directions., creating an exquisite, sparkling décor item, which will become the center of attention of your room. The most expensive crystal chandeliers use Swarovski crystals, built into lead and perfectly cut, which gives them a special radiant shine. These chandeliers are usually highly prized by family relics., which are passed down from generation to generation.

Is it possible to make a chandelier with your own hands?

Well, of course you can! Take old cans from under the blockage, supplement them with a bunch of garlands and make a hole in the lid, to keep them in place or place traditional incandescent bulbs in jars, as in the following photo example. You can hang jars at different heights, on a rustic wooden frame, fixed on the ceiling. You have created a unique, very beautiful chandelier, capable of magically transforming any space!

How best to clean the chandelier?

To keep your crystal chandelier shiny, it should be cleaned at least once a year. It is best to call professional cleaners, who know, what they do, as some carefully designed parts, possible, will have to be disassembled for cleaning, and then hang again. The one, who is not familiar with the design, won't be able to revert it in the same way!

You can also clean it on site., and you can do it in small areas. Spray a solution of one part alcohol on four parts pure water (best distilled water) and gently wipe with a soft cloth of microfiber without pile. Never use cleaning solutions, containing ammonia, as metal parts can be damaged.

Modern metal or wooden chandeliers and lighting grilles can be cleaned in the same way, but, probably, they are easier to handle. Use a stepladder and move it, when you finish cleaning one part of the chandelier. In no case do not make mistakes and do not turn the part itself, otherwise it will be difficult to unravel!

We hope, that all these tips and ideas will help you make the right lighting choice for your home, cottages or apartments.

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