Garden of dreams. Where to start?

The original site plan

The original site plan

In order to make this work beautifully in our the garden of dreams, you can not act at random. Without a plan will not work nor beauty, nor comfort. The coincidence was too much to hope. So, what needs to be done to start?

Unfortunately, most often everything is happening exactly. Bought everything: all sorts of seedlings, flowers, shoots and sets all anyhow, ignorance. In the end, will very soon become evident, that all is somehow not so in our garden of dreams. The plot turns uncomfortable, awkward and ugly, what causes a lot of grief from the owners.

Have to redo everything from scratch, to transplant plants, purchasing a new, all this involves additional cost. All of this could have been avoided, if from the very beginning was well-developed plan for improvement the garden of dreams. Therefore, before implementing an emerging idea, first you need to decide, what exactly would you like to see at his dacha, which style you want, whether you want a blooming garden or green island. It all depends on your preferences.

Better to record everything on paper. Each of your family let them take part in it. Write about your preferences, about, what do you like, and that is categorically not. Consider, how do you spend your free time. All this is very important in planning.

Сад мечты

Further, after research, you need to clearly define, what exactly would you like to see in your garden. What it will be? Are you creating it only for the purpose, in order to relax or maybe you are a gardener, and will take care of flowering plants. Will you call your guests and how often. It should take into account family habits, tradition. So many little things it is advisable to discuss at the family Council, that is the time to convene. In this case, each will have the opportunity to leave their comments about the future of the garden of dreams.

The plan does not need to tie your imagination to the plot area, to how new it is and whether it has some plants. Take a break from this and unleash your thoughts. Write down on paper all, would you like to see on your site, whether it's a bath or a gazebo, BBQ or garden, Alpine garden or rock garden, etc. If the family has children, they, most likely, will need a Playground with swings and a slide. Then you can discuss all with the proposed square footage. It is obvious, the entire list, most likely the plot will not fit.

You need to review the whole compiled list and discuss it. Now you can clean out the, that may not be necessary. It will take some time. And in order, so no one is offended, get the list, which was compiled in the beginning, where are the wishes of every member of the family.

Сад мечты

Half the battle is done. Now start collecting figures, photos, all kinds of clippings from Newspapers and magazines any flower beds, benches, visit the pavilions of the exhibition, there's always a lot of brochures and demonstration materials, collect them. For these materials, define a colorful folder with mixed files. Yes the same collect design ideas of others and your own. Collect all, you will enjoy, and pay no attention to the complexity of performance and cost. At this stage it does not matter. Then, eventually from all this diversity you will be able to come up with an exclusive version of its the garden of dreams.

Where to start planning the garden of dreams?

When planning a garden it is necessary to know the groundwater level. It's not difficult to figure out for themselves without recourse to professionals. It is necessary to determine the low-lying place on your site and there to dig a hole, the depth should be about 1,5 meter. When in the pit will be water, need to measure what the distance is from the water level to the edge of the pit. In the case, if the figure is less 1 meter, so, the level of high and measures need to drain.

Following the design phase The Garden Of Dreams – planning. A more detailed plan, carefully designed and painstakingly compiled, is an integral part of the design.

To start planning your garden, you must analyze a portion of, we are going to transform. For starters, it is best to draw a plan of the entire site in its original form. For this sold graph paper (scale 1:100). One metre of land is equivalent to centimeter. This scale is most comfortable for you. Of course, you can use plain white paper and a special scale ruler. Better, if the scale is 1:100. In addition, you will need a compass, roulette, tracing, line, gon, the compass, as well as crayons, pencils.

When I want to remove on the camera some places of the site of the future garden dreams. This will allow you to constantly analyze the available information and to remember every detail, even the small and insignificant. Your contribution will also make the documents on the site, they include a detailed plan, as well as the configuration of the entire site.

After, how to delineate the boundaries of the entire site, applied to all objects, you already have. For example, structure, trees, etc. An existing plan is required to complement. To identify and analyse the existing features of the area. The plan highlights the part of the world, determined with a compass. Such nuance is very important, depends on the correct orientation of buildings and plantings, kind of a light climate. Painstakingly marked terrain features, even the most insignificant, – bumps, elevation, depression. In the presence of a slope be sure the arrow indicates its direction, the inclination angle estimated by eye.

Special attention should be paid to the entire local landscape – the proximity of bodies of water, roads, forest, the beauty and individuality of buildings on neighboring plots. Directly on the plan can be signed, I want to hide, what to transform and highlight. Each object it is best to draw simple figures, for example, mugs, squares, rectangles of desired size. These figures razukrashivaya colored pencils.

Prior to the approval of the finished project, you need to wait for some time. This is necessary not only in order, to allow time to aim higher. The fact, that section requires observation. Only then it is possible to note the wind direction, the movement of shadows, the warmest and the coldest areas. Ideally, it is also possible to fix the composition of the soil and the groundwater level. The indicators can be recorded the approximate, perfect accuracy is not required.

Note: The plot wrong, the complex form is preferably divided into more simple shapes. For ease of measurement, the use of "binding" to the buildings, the fence, home etc.

Сад мечты

  • 1 house;
  • 2 – summer house;
  • 3 – a steep cliff, angle 60 degrees;
  • 4 – the track is vibrolit'ya (remodel);
  • 5 -shrub (to remove);
  • 6 slope, angle 45 degrees;
  • 7 apples;
  • 8 – pears;
  • 9 – plum;
  • 10 – depression;
  • 11 – picturesque views of the river;
  • 12 – inner fence (to remove);
  • 13 potato field (to connect);
  • 14 – greenhouse (to remove);
  • 15 – area freeze;
  • 16 – beautiful cherry (included in the composition)
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