Chic two-storey cottage

First of all, let's start with the landscape design of this cottage. Against the background of ultra-modern facade of the Villa you can see not only a large outdoor pool, but stylish outdoor fireplace next to the field for mini-Golf.

As for the interior of the cottage, all two floors decorated in the style of hi-tech: the decoration of the room has a lot of glass, tile and dark wood.

This luxury Villa has multiple living rooms, dining room, large kitchen, bedroom, two children's rooms for teenagers, bathroom, wine cellar and even a games room with bowling.

All rooms have high multi-level ceilings, beautiful furniture and nice color scheme.

Kitchen decorated "under the tree", the interior is functional and has no unnecessary accessories.

Special attention should be paid to children's rooms for teenagers. Seen, the rooms have the same shape and the same furniture. The only difference in the color of the carpet, which covered the entire floor.

Bedroom adult is very large and combined with one of the living rooms. Decorating a room with dark wood harmonizes well with white accents on the ceiling.

Finally I would like to add, this gorgeous cottage has lots of glass walls and large Windows, making all the rooms are well lit day.

To your attention photos of a luxury cottage in a modern style:

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