Modern designer apartment

The interior of this apartment is decorated in the best features of the style hi-tech.

Before, as we clearly present to you photos of design apartment, we recommend you to pay attention to the following elements of the interior rooms:

  • In a small dark hallway established creative shop, over which hangs a well-lit mirror.
  • Kitchen decorated in a contrast of dark and light shades, against which catch the eye with bright chairs.
  • Bathroom in dark colors has a beautiful functional lighting.
  • Room for the teenager practical, includes features constructivism. One of the walls in the room covered with Wallpaper, which pours light hidden ceiling lighting.
  • Living room decorated in the style of hi-tech, as seen on the original glass table and decoration wall mirror accessories.
  • In the corridor hang creative dial watch, decorating the bare dark wall.
  • Bedroom little. "Highlight" of the interior of a bedroom are the lamps above the bed, painted in the same style, that and wardrobe, standing in front.

Photo designer apartment in a modern style:

The same view photos of the apartment in the style of deconstructivism!

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