Modern bathrooms

Modern interior room design is to create functional, a minimum of decorative trinkets, max lighting and comfort.

Materials finish the bathroom in the modern style are ceramic tile, plastic modules, natural stone and wood.

A modern bathroom should be well lit, therefore, the ceiling installed spotlights, halogen and neon lamps.

The color palette in modern baths is selected without restrictions. The main thing that colors was not more than four. Ideally two contrasting or monochromatic design of the room.

Bathroom style "high-tech" can be irregular in shape, actually as sink. If you are installing a shower stall, it is recommended to use modern high-tech booths with lighting and hydro massage. As the bath is installed Jacuzzi.

Additional accessories modern bathroom does not need, although various statues and mirrors are not prohibited.

Doors in modern bathroom can be made of clear or frosted glass. Windows is recommended to install the large.

To your attention photos of contemporary bathrooms:

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