Create a fountain with lighting with their hands: types of highlights and ideas for lighting

Despite the fact, the fountain itself is a work of art, in order to enjoy its beauty at night and at the same time to give it hydrotechnical construction more unique look, it is recommended to install decorative lighting. Today, scientific and technological progress never ceases to amaze and in the market you can see wide range of colorful underwater and surface fixtures of different shapes and capacity. Next, we consider the main types of lighting for the fountain, but I'll also give you the ideas to create original fountain with lights!

Types of lighting for the fountain

Подсветка фонтана на даче

Illuminated fountain in the country

For any waterworks (pool, a pond or fountain) it is possible to implement decorative and functional lighting. The main classification of the highlights for the fountain consists of underwater and surface lights.

Fountain with underwater lighting is more unusual, because. the luminaires are mounted on the bottom of the structure and illuminate the whole water column a certain color or series of colors. As through the water the light is not too far away breaks, the underwater light is more convenient: it is not blinding, allows you to fully enjoy all the architectural features of the fountain and fills it in a certain shade. The lack of underwater lights this is a high risk of leakage, it is therefore necessary to carry out a thorough waterproofing of wiring and lighting devices. There are stationary underwater lights (they are mounted in the fountain) and mobile (can float on the water surface of the fountain).

Fountain surface light is more secure and performs flooding of the fountain a certain color. Representatives of surface illumination are different types of projectors and lamps.

Lamps and lamp for fountain with lights

In order, to ensure the safe operation of illumination for fountains, it is recommended to use lamps, voltage of not more 12 Volt. To meet this recommendation are three types of bulbs: led, halogen and fiber optics..

Led bulb, as a rule, are waterproof, therefore, they are often used as underwater illumination. It should also be note, that led lamp is quite easy to install, have high durability and are mounted in the most difficult places, that is their clear advantage. Despite its high price, led lamps have high efficiency, so they pay for themselves quite.

Светодиодные лампы

Led bulb

Halogen lamps are a more powerful light source, that paired with the lens to evenly illuminate the whole fountain. To create highlighting for the fountain of halogen lamps, you must select a sealed 50-watt lamps.

Галогенные лампы

Halogen lamps

Lamps fiberglass represent the glowing Postings, connected to the so-called light source projector. Today there is a wide range of lamps from fiber, different capacity and colors.

Светильники из оптоволокна

Lamps fiberglass

Illuminated fountain: creative lighting ideas

Креативная подсветка дачного фонтана

Creative holiday lights fountain

That would be unusual to decorate a garden fountain with a backlight, it is recommended to combine underwater and surface lighting.

As a General lighting circuits of the fountain, it is recommended to use the solar-powered lights, which not only illuminates the construction of soft light, but also greatly save the power consumption.

That would illuminate the fountain jets can be used lamps made of fiberglass. Visual picture example shows all the advantages of this lighting:

Подсветка струи фонтана

Illuminated fountain jets

If you want the lighting changed the lighting area of the fountain, install mobile underwater lamps, that randomly float across the pond.

Подводная подсветка фонтана

Underwater lights fountain

Using surface floodlights, place them on a rotating support, you can easily change the area of illumination of the fountain.

The most unusual and creative lighting of the fountain can be achieved, if you install underwater lamp, right next to the water supply nozzle. In this case, it is realized illumination of the spray jet fountain, that is a very unusual picture.

Safety when creating fountain with lights

If you do decide to implement its own illumination of the fountain on the dacha, you need to take care of safety of operation of lighting appliances, because. the slightest leakage can lead to dangerous injuries, short circuit, etc.

When choosing fixtures and bulbs for underwater lights, you must carefully check the integrity of objects, the slightest gap can cause a disaster.

Be sure to connect to your own mains transformer, step down the voltage to a safe level 12/24 Volt.

To insure against leakage, purchase and install the lighting system fountain system of the circuit breaker, leakage, which resulted in the loss de-energize the lamps.

Pay special attention to the wiring, in addition, she needs to be waterproof, you still need to choose the wiring, resistant to decay, because. on the way from the electrical panel to the fountain, the wire can be laid in the soil.

That's all, what, like the addition of fountain lighting. We also recommend you to see a similar article: lights for pool!

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