Disinfectants and methods of care of the pool with their hands

So, the pool you built, the bowl finished with decorative material and installed all the necessary equipment to fill and water filtration. It seems, it remains only to enjoy a daily swim in the pool. But no, after the construction of the pool there is a constant need for cleaning, otherwise it will soon overgrown with algae, and desire to buy will tend to zero. In order to maintain the pool and the water is clean, it is necessary to carry out cleaning and disinfection of the pool water. There are many methods care for the pool, and now we'll talk about them.

Disinfectants swimming pool

Уход за бассейном своими руками

Care of the pool with their hands

Before talking about that, how is the maintenance of the pool, you need to be aware of the case and to list the main sanitizers in swimming pool.

So, the most popular means to care for swimming pool are:

  • Chlorine – used for disinfection of pool water. There are several drugs, chlorine, which have different nature. If you need to quickly disinfect the water in the pool, suitable means "Chlorine"-start, if there's no rush, then it is recommended to use chlorine, which is capable of disinfecting water for a long time (sold in 200-Gramovich tablets). For one time use bleach a lot (also called shock-chlorine), which control the level of free chlorine in the liquid.
  • Anticancer – used as an effective cleaning agent when spring training bowl for operation.
  • AlGaInN – a good and relatively inexpensive means to combat algae and fungal damage on the surface of the pool. In addition algetina you can also use algaecide.
  • The drug "Winterfit" – a very useful thing at the conservation pool for the winter. This drug is added to the water in the pool and protects it from the accumulation of precipitation, and opacities.
  • Instant coagulant granules. This tool is required in order, that would have to deal with water turbidity. Usually microparticles, which cause turbidity, don't be trapped by the filters and therefore, during cleaning, the water remains "kalamatas". In this case, come to the aid of coagulants, the task of which is to connect the micro-particles into flakes or foam formation. After this the flakes are trapped by the filters, and the foam POPs up and is easy to assemble manually.
  • Acidity regulators water. The pH of the water in the pool is one of the most important indicators not only the color of the water, but its impact on the human body. If you see, the water in the pool have changed its color to greenish or rusty color, one of the reasons may be low or high pH. As the acidity of the water can be felt by the human body and harm him, namely: after bathing, pinch eyes, appear skin problems etc. The normal pH varies from 7,2 to 7,6 and that would be to adjust the indicator it is necessary to use drugs "PH-plus and PH-minus", which respectively raise and lower the acidity.
  • Pills "Combi-tabs" – their merit is, they combine a combination of several types of effective care for the pool, namely: coagulation, protection against the formation of fungus and algae, and also a complete disinfection of water.

Prepare pool for operation

The most difficult is the care of the outdoor swimming pool, because. in this case, the bowl becomes clogged by leaves of trees, dust and the rest of the garden rubbish. Another issue in the care of an outdoor pool is, what a winter it has to conserve, and with the arrival of spring again to prepare for operation. The rest types of pool also has its drawbacks, but caring for them less difficult.

So, prepare pool for operation consists of several stages:

  1. Preparation of the pool. After the winter Cup, as a rule, dirty and possibly even damaged by fungus. That would return the bowl pool previous state, you need to first treat the whole surface of Anticalcium and after the drug dries, to carry out the fight against fungus with the help of "Algetina".
  2. In the clean and disinfected bowl, pour clean water. As the source water pool it is recommended to use Central water, because. water from it goes through several stages pre-treatment and is suitable for swimming. As a rule, tap water is hard (this can be seen, I looked in the kettle – it is constantly formed scale). What would the plaque was not formed on the pool, it is recommended to apply special tool: "Callstat", and you can adjust the acidity of the water using "PH-plus and PH-minus".
  3. Well, the last major step before using the pool is to prepare the filters to work. Filters have the structure of quartz sand, who does most of the work. If you decide to completely replace the sand, then after this will only disinfect the water in the bowl with Chloroxine or Chlorites. If you do not wish to replace the sand on new, it is necessary to carry out several activities. For starters, clean the sand Filter by means Decalci (Anticalcium filter). Then fill the quartz sand in the filter and washed for 5 minutes, using the "Reverse flushing". After this procedure the sand filter a little compacted, therefore, it is necessary to open the filter cover and fill up more sand, then the filter is transferred to the primary mode – "filtering". Please note that, that switch should be at idle the water pump.

After, as the pool will be ready for operation, you only need to take care of your pool throughout the swimming season. Pool maintenance can be based on chemical and mechanical cleaning, we now consider.

Ways of taking care of a pool with their hands

That would be the pool was clean, and it was comfortable to swim, should as often as possible to take care of your pool. Visible debris is removed by mechanical cleaning, and odor and turbidity by chemical cleaning.

Mechanical cleaning of the pool

Механическая очистка бассейна

Mechanical cleaning of the pool

Mechanical cleaning of the basin is recommended once in 1-2 day, that would not "start" the cleanliness of the pool. As a rule, mechanical cleaning does not take much time and includes the following types of care of the pool:

  • Removal of stains and various accumulations of dirt with a brush
  • Collection foam, leaves and other garden debris with an ordinary butterfly net
  • The use of special cleaning equipment, which resembles a vacuum cleaner. The kit this unit comes with brush, hose (the average 5-meter), telescopic rod (to 3 meters), special tester and thermometer. Connects this unit to a designated harvesting injector or intended for this purpose, the hole in the skimmer

    Агрегат для очистки бассейна

    Unit for pool cleaning

Chemical cleaning pool

Химическая очистка бассейна

Chemical cleaning pool

There are many options care for the pool through chemical cleaning. The most popular and effective ways chlorine treatment, bromine, active oxygen, a constant magnetic field and using ultraviolet radiation. Take a closer look at all of the methods above.

Water treatment in the swimming pool chlorine is the most simple measure of disinfection, suitable for people, which are neutral to the ingress of chlorine on the skin.

Treatment of pool water with bromine is essentially the same disinfection and chlorine, but only the more expensive and effective. Disinfection of water bromine is commonly used for pools gated, where water temperature is higher.

Treatment of pool water with active oxygen suitable for swimming pools of small volume (about 75-85 CBM), where water has a temperature of not higher 25on. Active oxygen is an excellent replacement for chlorine, and to some extent bromine.

Ultraviolet irradiation the pool is based on the installation of special lamps, which water can be disinfected.

Well, the most expensive method of water disinfection in the pool is installation of equipment for processing the water flux of the permanent magnetic field. This technology allows not only to purify water, but give it therapeutic properties (in various resorts even have this treatment). Despite its high price, the winner of this apparatus for the chemical purification of more water will not spend money to buy disinfectants, so, over time the method will pay off.

Of all these methods in everyday life the most popular and widely used is chlorination of water.

Care of the pool on the basis of visible problems

Above we have provided you the most popular preparations and preparations for the care of pool, as well as themselves care. But in reality, when trouble comes, it is very difficult to focus and quickly solve the problem, so now we will provide you with several options for contamination of the pool with a solution to the problem.

The water turbidity

You found, the water in the pool is not so clean, as they were before. The reasons can be several: clogged filter, water succumbed to the infection with organic matter or insufficient Gloria in combination with a high concentration of chloramine. So, consider everything in order:

If the filter is blocked, then use the drug, we have already said – Anticalcium filter.

After that measure the level of acidity of the water and if it is not OK, handle it by using the "PH-plus and PH-minus".

And the last reason – lack of chlorine. Use in this case, high-speed shock-chlorine, which we need not more than 1 l 10 m2.

Water "bloom"

Вода «зацвела»

Water "bloom"

If you find, that water is "bloomed" and was painted in a green shade, the reason for this could be algae or if the water contains metals.

During the formation of algae in pool water it is necessary again to adjust the acidity of the water (we spoke about this above), then use a shock, the chlorine combined with the "Algaecide". Next, the remaining spots treated with Glorifica 100 and a few hours to remove the stains with a regular brush.

If the water is excessive amounts of metals, you must use acidity regulators, then, that would increase the efficiency of the filters, around the perimeter of the pool to pour a special tool Quick flock. Also in this case, it is recommended to use mechanical purification water using unit (which, as we said, similar to a vacuum cleaner).

Rusty water

Ржавая вода

Rusty water

If the water in the pool found its characteristic rusty color, the reason for this may be either the low acidity of the water or if the connectors are pipes in the pool (fittings) made of steel.

To solve the problem of rusty water is quite simple:

Pour out the dirty water, then clean the pool basin with a special tool (you can "Anticalcium"), then, changing the steel fittings on plastic (or rather PVC) or copper. Then pour clean water, it is adjustable in acidity and having a dip in clean water.

The appearance of Il

Sludge is an organic substance, created from carbon dioxide, inorganic and water. Reproduction of sludge in the pool, not only pollutes the water, but also contributes to the spread of all kinds of infection, therefore, the sludge should quickly get rid of. It is recommended to use a special product "Desalgin", the dosage specified in the instructions.

Automatic pool care

Automatic pool care

Automatic pool care

Despite the fact, that you can manually clean the pool from garden debris, minerals and bacteria, to date, more rational use of an automated system for swimming pool. Although they have a decent price, for allow you to clear the pool at that time, while you are at work or rest. The system works automatically and is triggered by the appearance of contaminants of any nature.

Automatic pool maintenance consists of:

  • Special sensors, controlling the purity of water
  • Means of disinfection of water (usually it is chlorine)
  • Dispensers of disinfectants
  • Filters
  • Special robots, which clean the bowl of the pool

If you don't equip your concrete pool automatic system care, you do not need to be an expert in disinfecting and cleaning the pool, it is enough to know, how to measure pH level of water, and to be able to use products for cleaning and disinfection of pool.

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