Stylish two bedroom apartment

Architectural style eclectic is characterized by the layout of modern accessories, furniture and upholstery with antique. Despite such a bold, at first glance, inappropriate solution, interior in eclectic style looks harmonious and cozy.

This two bedroom apartment is decorated in the best features of the eclectic style.

The interior of the room contradictions are in harmony, namely:

  • Black chairs with gold leaf complement the interior of bright and modern room with a fireplace
  • Stylish bed in the bedroom blends with blond leather sofa and beautiful chandelier
  • In one of the rooms black sofa with antique finish stands next to the modern swing
  • Walls with stucco in the form of colon stylishly combined with modern ceiling lighting.
  • The color of rooms: the contrast of black and white is missing only in one bedroom

Provide to view photos stylish two-bedroom apartment:

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