Bright designer apartment

We have already provided design solutions in the design of the apartments in these photo galleries, as: modern designer apartment and design idea for apartment. At this time, the interior of the rooms will also be designed using design tricks.

Rooms are decorated in bright colours. Much attention is paid to the lighting of rooms and the decoration of the walls.

In the interior of the apartment in the first place is the design of the room, and not its functionality. Despite this, decorative excessive load is absent.

Very well chosen colors of walls and furniture.
There are contrasting shades, and harmonious light colours.

The ceilings in all the rooms stretch. The walls are covered with bright Wallpaper. As the flooring used tile and flooring.

"Highlight" the interior of this designer apartment are bright glass doors in the kitchen and the interior children's rooms.

To your attention photo of apartment design in bright colours:

So I advise to view original photos of the apartment in dark colors!

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