Technology of preservation of the outdoor pool at the dacha with his hands

Outdoor capital pool at a summer cottage is a very appropriate structure for relaxing after a hard day, and a small physical exercise to maintain good figure. What would the swimming pool was nice and it is safe to use, it should be cleaned and disinfected, it, we can say, daily exercise. But there is another important event, without which the longevity of the pool is quite small – the preservation of the pool for the winter. Next, we'll talk about that, what is a conservation pool, what it is and how is.

The purpose of the conservation pool

Консервация открытого бассейна на даче своими руками

Conservation of the outdoor pool at the dacha with his hands

In winter the soil freezes and expands, thus creating a load on the pool. With the coming thaw, the soil begins to razberatsya and the pressure on the Cup even more, resulting in deformation of the pool: cracking, the modification of the shape of the Cup etc. This negative impact of weather conditions reduces the lifetime of the pool, causing, not preserved pond should be renovated with the arrival of spring (but this is a laborious process, requires significant material costs).

In order to avoid these negative processes, it is necessary to carry out the preservation of the pool with their hands. To carry out this event should not with the onset of winter, and a few weeks earlier, when there is no snow and frost.

To understand, what is the process of conservation pool, you must be familiar with the technology and the stages of the event, which shows the essence of conservation pool.

As for tools and materials, necessary for the preservation of the pool with their hands, they include:

  • Drugs chemical purification of pool water
  • Special insulation for electric wiring
  • Cover for pool
  • Expansion joints expansion (we will talk about them a little lower)
  • Water cleaner (Assembly of mechanical cleaning of the pool)

The stages of preservation of the pool with their hands

Preservation of the pool with their hands the process is quite simple and consists of several simple stages, namely:

  1. Mechanical and chemical cleaning pool of debris
  2. Dismantling of electrical appliances and lighting systems pool
  3. Isolate wiring
  4. Installation of expansion joints expansion
  5. Drain the water from the main water pool
  6. Protection of the pool cover

So, will consider in more detail each of these stages of preservation of the pool with their hands:

Mechanical cleaning of the pool from debris is a raking leaves, of plaque on the walls of the bowl and the rest of the dirt, which remained in the pool after the swimming season. It is better to use effective cleaning Assembly – water cleaner. In that case, if the water is too polluted, you need to completely drain and undertake chemical cleaning pool, about which we in detail spoke in the article: care of the pool with their hands.

Механическая очистка бассейна

Mechanical cleaning of the pool

Next, go to the process of dismantling of electrical appliances and system pool lighting. As you know, water from the pool should fully merge, after that all lighting devices are dismantled for storage in a heated room. After, as the appliances will be dismantled, you must carry out a thorough waterproofing wiring, if for any reason it is impossible to dismantle.

As soon as all wiring will be isolated, pour clean water into the pool, without adding to the side nozzles of the bowl about 10 cm. The water will be in the pool during the whole preservation period, it is therefore necessary to add special disinfectant means, which will protect the pool from the formation of sludge and algae.

What would the water in the pool, expanding, from damaging the walls of the bowl, we will need expansion joints expansion. They represent legacimusic items, such as: plastic containers, rubber inflatable toys etc. Expansion joints expansion need to be lowered to the bottom, to do this, it attached to a homemade "weights" (bags with gravel or sand).

Компенсаторы расширения

Expansion joints expansion

After this highway water pool you must drain all the water, that would be in winter, it is not expanded and has not damaged the pipe.

Well, in the end, pool water and expansion joints should be covered with a protective cover, that will prevent the ingress of snow and debris in the pool. For this it is necessary to choose the case of high-strength material, which will be able to withstand the weight of snow and mitigate mechanical damage to the bowl, if there is a need.

Защита бассейна чехлом

Protection pool cover

That's the whole technology of preservation of the pool with their hands. As you can see, nothing complicated! Please note that, that the pool water will still freeze, even if add special additives (which constitute the antifreeze) and in any case not allowed to break up the ice manually, because. you can damage the Cup and break the preservation process.

With the arrival of spring it is only necessary to drain the water, to remove the expansion joints the expansion and a thorough cleaning of the bowl. After that you can re-install all electrical equipment and fill the water in the pool!

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