Two bedroom apartment in the style of kitsch

We have already provided to your attention photos of the apartment in the style of kitsch. This style involves creating bright accents in the interior of the room. For example, this two bedroom apartment is decorated in bright colours (white and blue), which can be diluted with bright rugs, furniture toxic colors and various colorful paintings.

The main focus is aimed at the design of furniture and textiles, while all the walls, floor and ceiling remain solid.

The apartment has three bedrooms of different design. Apparently, two rooms are bedrooms for teenagers.

Unusual in the layout of the apartment is the creation of a dressing room, lined with wooden lockers and mirrors, which provide an optical illusion: visually increase the room area.

Also should pay attention to the kitchen: bright decorations of the walls harmonizes with wood furniture and stylish chrome lamps over the table.

Bathroom has a standard design, which adds originality hidden ceiling lighting.

To your attention photos of two-bedroom apartment in the style of kitsch:

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