Choosing a pump for an artificial stream in the country

The owners of the cottages, possessing this natural stream at the site was very lucky, because. all, what you need to care for him. But if your plot is solid, the lawn and you would like to install a small hydraulic structure, it is recommended to create an artificial stream. It is not difficult to do, but the main problem will be the right choice water pump. Next, we'll talk about that, how to choose a water pump for an artificial stream in the suburban area!

How does water pump?

Искусственный ручей на дачном участке

Artificial stream at the summer cottage

So, that would make an artificial pond, we need to dig a suitable pit, to carry out waterproofing of the walls and pour the water. If the water will just stand in an artificial stream, no ornamental species are not formed. But if to make an artificial stream "live", that he would have stretched along a suburban area with little water movement and a waterfall, then this idea, no doubt, adorn the landscape design site!

If you just dig an oblong pit and bring it to the top of the water supply pipe, and to the bottom of the sewer, in this case, the monthly water bill would bankrupt you, because. water consumption will be huge.

You can do everything much smarter and easier: fill the pit with water and install water pump at the lowest point of an artificial stream. The water pump will consist of filtering and pumping water from the lower level of the Creek to the top, thereby created permanent closed loop. This water consumption will save and make an artificial stream "live".

A variety of water pumps for artificial stream

Water pumps are divided into submersible and surface. And those, and others can be used to create an artificial stream.

Submersible pumps do not make noise, but at the same time have a relatively low productivity and fail when lack of water. Surface pumps can pump a large volume of water, but at the same time, the noise on the site will not allow you to rest comfortably, and the unit itself must be protected from ingress of water on its surface.

It should also be note, what submersible pumps can not afraid to leave it on throughout the season, their cycle action automatic and safe for human.

Next, we'll talk about that, how to choose the right water pump for artificial stream.

Selection of water pump for artificial stream

The major characteristics of a water pump are the flow rate and water pressure. Water consumption shows, what volume of water able to pump unit per unit time. Water pressure is important, because. show, how high the pump can pump water.

Please note that, any water pump has the following dependence: the more water flow, the lower the pressure, and Vice versa.

Based on this, when choosing a water pump for an artificial Creek you should know the required pressure and water flow. Water consumption is determined by the capacity of artificial stream (the volume of the pit), it is easy to calculate. Water pressure is determined, as the height from the bottom of the pump (the place of immersion) to the point of water flow from the pump to the Creek (top point).

We recommend that you purchase a water pump with a supply of pressure and flow, because. you may in the future want to expand the boundaries an artificial pond.

Just keep in mind the rate of flow of water: if you want to create an intense flowing stream, it is necessary to give preference to the more powerful surface pump, but if you like a quiet bubbling brook, deal with it and a submersible pump.

From the manufacturer water pump and a lot depends on, the better the unit, the longer it will last, but in this case its price will be much higher. Among the most optimal pump manufacturers in the category price/quality it is recommended to give preference to companies: AL-KO, Forte, Aquario, Sprut, Champion, Sturm etc.

We still suggest you to use submersible pumps, because. with an artificial stream they will be able to cope and at the same time will not prevent a comfortable rest on summer cottage!

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