Bright kitchen

If you love make rooms in bold colors, the bright kitchen design..

Most often bright interior of the kitchen used in such styles at home, as:

In order, that would make the kitchen bright and stylish, you must choose the right shades, preferably, that they were contrasting.

The main colors in the interior of the bright kitchen are:

  • White walls and red, green, yellow or purple kitchen furniture
  • Light blue wall and red kitchen furniture
  • Yellow kitchen furniture against black walls
  • Light green shade walls combined with orange kitchen furniture

With a choice of bright kitchen furniture is no problem, because. typically, manufacturers produce a lot of bright color shades of the furniture.

That would make the walls and ceiling of the kitchen bright, it is recommended to use ceramic tile, bright paper Wallpaper or decorative plaster.

As floor coverings are acceptable only ceramic tile, parquet is used in rare cases.

Special attention is paid to lighting. To emphasize all the color saturation of the bright kitchen, you must install large Windows, moreover, the curtains should not be available.

Pictures of bright kitchens:

It is also recommended to see the photo gallery: the stylish interior of the kitchen!

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