Country house in Poland

Another idea of interior design country house presented a beautiful private house in Poland.

The interior is presented in modern Scandinavian style, this is evident by the white color of the walls, combined with wooden furniture and bright accessories.

The house has everything necessary for life a big family: spacious living room, kitchen, large bright bathroom, bedroom and children's room.

Should pay attention to the interior living room in a country house. The big bright sofa is situated next to the stylish wood-burning fireplace. Creative idea is a pool table, which easily transformirovalsya in dining table. Then you can see the kitchen in the Scandinavian style with modern extractor original design.

Bedroom in the house of light, but the highlight is the bright bedding with pillows.

Beautifully decorated nursery for a newborn. We see colorful wardrobe and wall paintings.

Play area for a child is also creatively decorated. In combination with the wall-magnet blue sofa posing, photo Wallpaper sky and a chair swing.

Bathroom spacious. And there is a shower and bath.

To your attention photo of a beautiful country house in a modern Scandinavian style:

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