7 the most appropriate climbing plants for landscape design area

Climbing plants can rightly be called the elements of landscape design. Landscaping a garden plot – the key to create a beautiful composition, contributing to a rich and rewarding holiday at their summer cottage. We now consider how effectively and harmoniously to complement the garden with climbing plants.

Most suitable climbing plants for garden and garden

Often you can see, as at their summer cottage beautiful twists of various kinds of plants, further beautifying the area and hiding minor flaws and patches work.

Most suitable climbing plants for the garden are those, which do not require special care, have a beautiful color, benefit and rarely get sick. For our climate you can pick up more than a dozen such climbing plants. Let's start to familiarize with them!

Climbing rose. Although much care, requires abundant watering and gentle sunlight, rose can be considered the most successful and luxurious addition to a garden plot. Its blooms are sure to attract the attention not only of guests of villas, but people passing by, so why not pay a little attention to the care of this plant?

Плетистая роза

Climbing rose

Плетистая роза как зеленый коридор

Climbing rose as a green corridor

The Ussuri conopsis. Another popular climbing garden plant, having a nice crimson color. The advantage of conopsis lies precisely in the fact, that plant is not fussy to our climatic conditions and does not require troublesome care to yourself, unlike roses. The advantage of conopsis lies in its hardiness, therefore, the planting site, the plant does not need to worry about this issue. All that is needed for effective growth of conopsis is to plant it near a support on the sun, spot out of the wind and then the landscape design of your summer plot you will find a new unusual color.

Кондопсис уссурийский.

The Ussuri conopsis.

Clematis. A good addition to the roses and conopsis will be clematis. His violet-blue flowers give the overall composition a new shade and you can decorate a pergola, the arch or even the fence. Clematis are also picky to care, hardy and require only sunlight, therefore, the planting site the plants will be very the right choice!

Клематис в саду

Clematis in the garden



Honeysuckle. Selenaa garden climbing plants can not think of honeysuckle. This plant not only blooms brightly, but also smells good, the garden plot can become even more comfortable relaxation area. The advantage of honeysuckle over all other climbing plants is, that it almost hurts, does not require maintenance and can even grow in a little shade! So be sure to organize the garden according to the plant.



Parthenocissus. For creating a hedge in the garden is used this climbing plant. The advantage of a girl's grapes lies in the fact, that it blooms at a time, when other plants begin to fade. Color maiden plants may include all the colors of the rainbow, therefore, they can complement any garden. Special care this plant requires no, all you need sometimes to cut him with pruning shears.

Девичий виноград


Девичий виноград

Ivy. One of the popular ever-green climbing plant is ivy. Sorry, what about him, many gardeners are forgotten, because. ivy has no special color and flavor. But at the same time, as already mentioned, ivy remains green throughout the year, so if you want to decorate the bare wall of a house, the fence or gazebo, ivy fit like no other, because the plant creates dense carpet, although the increase lasts not so quickly.

Плющ как зеленая кровля

Ivy as green roof



Sweet peas. The advantage of this plant lies in the fact, that he might care even a novice gardener. In addition to its beauty, sweet pea has a very pleasant scent and can flower for 4 months, so why not decorate the landscape garden design by the plant?

Душистый горошек

Sweet peas

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