Pool for villas with their hands: the basics of supply

Of a comfortable and rich holiday cottage we all dream everyday work. And that's leaving the city to a country house, we enjoy the peace and beauty of the landscape design of your yard. To Supplement this rest will help bath and pool, which can often be seen on site of new buildings. The main problem of the basin lies in creating the right supply, about the nuances of which we now discuss.

Definition of equipment for water pool

Бассейн для дачи

Pool for summer

So, we decided to build a swimming pool at the dacha with his hands, but first you need to decide, where will water come from, as it will be hot, where to merge and how to clean. As you can see, questions need to be solved are many and each must be treated quite seriously, otherwise, the durability and comfort of using the pool could face the failure.

Water source

First, and, perhaps, the basic requirement, imposed to the pool is the purity of the water. When choosing a water supply source it is necessary to consider this requirement and prior to construction to include a water sample to the lab for analysis.

If you decide to use water from Central water supply, problems in this case will be less, because. the water, as a rule, has the status of potable and suitable for swimming pools.

But if you have a nearby surface water source, in order to use water as a filler pool, you need to verify SanPiN (sanitary rules and norms), which must satisfy the water quality for technological and household needs.

With the water source figured out, now go closer to the water-supply system of the pool.

Equipment for water pool

That would be to choose the right equipment for water supply of pool, it is recommended to take the help of experts, and now we'll explain why. First, it is unlikely that you are well versed in the treatment facilities, water heating systems and means of transporting water. Second, pool equipment should be selected on the basis of SNiP (building regulations). Third, professionals take their work not so much money, but at the same time to save on select equipment, because. you can choose either too powerful equipment, and to pay, either too weak and will have to buy new, more powerful.

Оборудование для водоснабжения бассейна

Equipment for water pool

To correctly select the equipment for water pool, you need to create water supply project, using the following data (how do professionals):

  • The dimensions of the room under the pool (the height and area)
  • Design features of the room
  • The General plan of the room, where are all the existing appliances and plumbing equipment
  • General specifications for water supply of residential houses on the plot: water source, the communication of the supply and drain, view catchment (Central sewer or cesspool)
  • The dimensions of the pool (the depth and area of the bowl)
  • The composition of water according to the SanPiN

According to all these data is the choice of equipment for water plot, and most of the water supply system (we'll talk about that below).

As for equipment for water heating, the most commonly used water heating for additional buildings – boiler rooms. A more modern option of heating water for a swimming pool involves the use of high-speed running water heaters. In the latter case, the water heating is done automatically.

The recommended water temperature in the pool must be at least 30on. If the room, where is the pool, provided bathroom with sink, hot water, which to him supplied, must be at least 60-65 on.

Pipe for water supply of pool

It is not strange, pipe for water supply of pool are subject to special requirements, the implementation of which is optional, but significantly extends the lifetime of the entire water system of the pool.

To sum up pure water from the source to the indoor swimming pool can be used as plastic pipes, and metal. It is better to give the preference to the more expensive, but durable stainless steel pipes.

Pipe, that are laid on the bottom of the bowl and the water is supplied directly to the pool, you must choose exclusively from stainless steel.

It is allowed to mount a process pipe of the usual steel tubes.

A very important point is the material of manufacture of pipes for drainage and water disinfection. In this case, do not use metal pipe, because. they will be subjected to lose acid reagents. Recommended for these conditions of PVC pipe (polyvinyl chloride), which have resistance to negative influence of acids.

Трубы ПВХ для водоснабжения бассейна

PVC pipe for water supply of pool

Equipment for draining water from the pool

Complete draining of water from the basin should be carried out once in two years. The same system of exchange involves draining the pool is too polluted water. In addition to the pool room needs to occur discharge of wastewater from bathroom. In the first and in the second and in the third case, water is discharged either to the Central the sewer, or in their own cesspool.

If waste water is discharged into the Central sewer, no additional measures are not required. The only thing that can be applied is intermediate drain water in special tanks, equipped pumps, which can quickly pump the water into Central sewer. These units must be installed next to the pool (in the same room), it is best to build for this basement under the pool.

As for the draining of sewage into the cesspool, then there are some nuances. Wastewater from toilets and after disinfection of the pool must be drained to special tanks for biological purification of water (bioseptic, biofilters, filter wells, etc.). If the equipment is not on the dacha, in the presence of sewage waste water after complete draining of water from the pool surface linear drainage sent to the network of internal drainage, and fecal matter from the toilet and the water after washing the filters is sent to the network of internal Sewerage.

As for equipment for cleaning pool water, it depends on the system of water exchange in the pool.

System water exchange in the pool

As mentioned earlier, from the system of water exchange in the pool depends on many things, including equipment for cleaning and disinfection of the pool water. Among the most popular systems of water exchange in the basin emit liquid, flow-through and recirculating system, consider them read more.

Liquid system of water exchange

For this system of water exchange pool, the water is cleaned, then supplied to the equipment for disinfection and after that is heated and served in a bowl of pool.

The water flow in the filling system of water exchange is carried out through special openings or pipe in the bowl. This system is suitable for small pools, which have a volume of no more than 50 cubic meters.

Flow system of water exchange

Проточная система водообмена

Flow system of water exchange

This system of water exchange is suitable for larger pools (about 200 cubic meters) and works on the following principle: water is pumped into the pool without interruption and mixed with water, which is already in the pool. Complete replacement of pool water occurs 2 times a day. The water is disinfected by adding drugs, which contain chlorine, iodine and bromine. Flowing system of water exchange used in saunas, fitness centers etc.

Recycling system of water exchange

This system of water exchange in the pool is the most popular and is carried out by continuous drain and water supply with intermediate disinfection and cleaning. In recirculating water can be observed a slight decrease of the water level in the pool. Process water recycling the following: the polluted water is drained through special holes in the bottom of the pool, falls in the sector of pre-treatment, and after it in the pressure filter. As a result, purified water is heated and served again in the pool.

Here, actually, everything you wanted to talk about the water pools for villas with their hands. Again, please note that, this procedure is better to pass into the hands of the masters, we all know the saying "miser pays twice", therefore it is better to pay once and for many years to enjoy a holiday at their summer cottage swimming in the private pool!

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