It is a very beautiful

It is impossible to fully describe all the luxuries of this modern apartment in contrasting colors.

Next, we will provide you with a photo of the interior of this beautiful apartment, now pay a little attention to the most impressive design elements:

  • Lots of attention paid to the lighting. The hallway has concealed lighting, aimed at the floor, and the ceiling. Living room and kitchen decorated ceiling lamps in the form of rings, who are the "highlights" of the interior of the room.
  • All the furniture is modern, regular geometric shape and monochromatic hues. The living room has a beautiful fireplace next to the sofa.
  • Walls each room has a different. Particularly impressive bathroom, wooden panels with pictures on a sea theme.
  • The apartment has two bathrooms and two living rooms, all rooms are completely different from each other and have their, specific interior.
  • Bedroom interior is the most luxurious. The walls are painted in dark red color, harmonizing with light ceiling and dark floor. Pay attention to the design of the mirrors and lamps, which act as accessories in the room.

Pictures of interior beautiful apartment in a modern style:

The same view photo modern apartment in orange tones.

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