Curbs for flower beds

The final design garden path either the flower bed attached border. There are many ideas to create a decorative border with your own hands. In addition, you can purchase ready-made garden edgings of plastic or wood.
Today popular are the following ideas to create curb:
  • A border of cinder block or brick
  • The curb is improvised (glass bottles, tires, ceramic plates, etc.)
  • Border from a natural stone (including gabions)
  • A border of ground cover plants
  • The curb was not damaged
  • Wooden curb (from logs, boards, curved driftwood, etc.)

Please note that, the design of the curb should be in one style with outdoor tracks, small architectural forms and other elements of garden decor, whatever the result, formed a harmonious composition.

The most interesting photo borders you can see in this photo gallery:

As you can see, the idea in truth creative! We also recommend you to view the photo gallery: design garden paths and fencing!

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