If you have a spacious suburban areas, be sure to pitch Playground. The main rule when building playgrounds for children: she needs to be safe and stay in sight of adults.

As for the independent design of the Playground, we recommend that you consider the following tips:

  • Kids love to overcome various obstacles and compete in this together. Equip the Playground with various climbing frame, barriers and ropes.
  • A Playground must be protected from sunlight. It is recommended to build a small shed in the shape of an umbrella.
  • Slides and sandbox – essential elements of playgrounds.
  • Any child would like to have your own house (ground or on the tree).
  • Use bright colors in the design of the Playground, but do not overdo it with their number. Decorative excessive load will put pressure on the child.
  • A Playground can unite and play area and place to study (table with chair)
  • Take care, that would be on the Playground there are no sharp corners and solid reason. It is best to use wooden, plastic or rubberized construction.

To your attention photo design playgrounds with their hands:

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