The design of modern three bedroom apartments

We have already provided you with design one-bedroom apartments in a modern style. This time to your attention the interior is more spacious apartments with modern decoration of the room.

When viewing the gallery please note the following features of interior design:

  • All the furniture in the apartment is solid and has a modern design. Very original look of a sofa with a table in the living room, as well as orange kitchen furniture.
  • Chandeliers in every room have a special design. Most commonly used chrome shades.
  • As a floor coating used as flooring, and ceramic tile. The, and other material blends harmoniously with the modern interior of the apartment.
  • All rooms, except in the bathroom, painted white (the walls and ceiling), it visually enlarges the space.
  • A variety of accessories in the apartment are practically absent. Interior rooms complement the mirror, bright spots (furniture and pillows), as well as paintings.

To your attention photos of two-bedroom apartment in a modern style:

We also recommend you to view the photo gallery: modern apartment in orange tones.

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